Weekly Love: Week 135

Tomorrow is June, and while I have felt like it has been Summer since March, so many people have been telling me you can officially start counting ‘Summer’ after Memorial Day, so I’ve decided that my Summer, at least, has officially started. I’ve been cooking Summer recipes in the kitchen for ages now. Living in England and Northern France, Summer for me usually means getting to wear bare legs, bright nail polish and oversized sunglasses. As these are things I can do pretty much all year in Los Angeles, I’m going to try and make the most of the time I have to enjoy the things I don’t get to enjoy back home; beaches that feature golden sand rather than unforgiving grey stones, sea water which is not the colour of grey paint, and lots of fresh Mexican food.


1. A photo of two photographer friends in a shot together is very rare, so enjoy this selfie of the two of us on Balboa Pier in Newport Beach from Nicole’s Instagram feed. | 2. Delicious straight up Iced Tea at the Haute Cakes Caffe in Newport Beach. I’m really going to miss this with my brunch when I move back to England. The only place I can think of that serves it is Granger & Co. in Notting Hill. | 3. Afternoons chilling on the beach. I can’t remember ever being this tanned in my life. | 4. Look who joined the family in the Memorial Day Weekend sale at Nordstrom! | 5. Words of truth from Orange County. | 6. The palm trees are how you know for sure that you are in SoCal.

7. Pretty pink peonies for sale outside Trader Joe’s. | 8. The perfect complimentary reason not to mind waiting for a friend to get a blow out at DryBar. | 9. As always, pizza from 800 Degrees in Westwood topped with roasted garlic and double anchovies. | 10. Road trip essentials. | 11. My favourite lunch recently: thick slices of homemade bread topped with smoked salmon pate from Trader Joe’s (though I do miss Marks & Spencers Smoked Mackerel Pate!), thickly sliced cucumber and lots of cracked black pepper. | 12. Newport beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I’ve decided that I want to trial a new feature in my ‘Weekly Love’ posts. I know one of the reasons you guys love them so much is because you enjoy finding new blogs to read through the sites I link to, but I think that can also work both ways too. So, below I’ve decided to play around with the a ‘Simply Linked‘ widget where you can submit your own links to be shown at the bottom of each ‘Weekly Love’ post. If you have a blog post that you’ve posted during the two weeks since the last Weekly Love post; be it a recipe you are particularly proud of, photos you’ve posted from your recent travels or an outfit you are particularly proud of styling, I, as well as the rest of your fellow readers I’m sure would love to see it. Just a note, to make this fair on everyone, please only submit one link per website, link to a post and not just your home page. Any spam links I will take care of. Also, just to help with my little level of blog post consistance OCD, I would really appreciate it if you could title your link the exact title of your original blog post.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I have a few errands to run in Beverly Hills, a paper on Roman Love Poetry to work on and plans to make for my last few weeks in Los Angeles and moving back home.