Gift Guide: Fathers Day 2013

Sunday, June 16th in Britain is Fathers Day. I usually find it much harder to shop for gifts for my Father than for my Mother; if it is not a big occasion or there is nothing specific I know she wants,  I can always get flowers or something girly. We have no such luck with fathers, so I thought I’d take a moment (okay, more realistically a couple of hours) to wrack my brains as to what would make good Fathers Day gifts to give you guys some ideas. A little bit of self sacrifice so I can be more stuck than usual, and you can pick from a list!


1/2 Bottle of Bollinger Special Curvee: £24, Parker Ball Point Pen: £135, Hotel Chocolat Liquor Sleekster Selection: £22, Top Gear: The Alternative Highway Code: £7, Aspinal of London Union Jack Hip Flask: £59, Taylor of Old Bond Street Pure badger Travel Shaving Brush: £29.95, Set of 8 Shooting Cartridge Shot Cups: £62.50

Lets start with the things you can eat and drink. Apologies to people with tee-total fathers, because while it was not my intention when I was putting it together, it has turned out to be rather booze-y. In my mind if you are stuck for a present for anyone, a bottle of champagne is the way forward, and I am very happy that my friends have seemed to learn this. I love this half bottle of Bollinger a) because a half bottle is a nice gift as the recipient can justifiably drink the whole thing themselves, and b) because it makes the bottle a little bit more affordable. Next we have the Hotel Chocolat Liquor Sleekster box. Hotel Chocolat also makes a great go to for gifts, and I promise you that you will hear no complaints from your Father if you present him with one of their long Sleekster boxes; you can choose the flavour selection from nutty to all dark depending on his tastes. I also like to give their massively thick solid chocolate slabs as gifts, too. 

The thing with drink, is you have to have something to drink it out of. A unisex gift (I secretly want it) which is a great guys thing is a hip flask, and this cool Britannia one is great for trying to make your Dad just that little bit more fashionable. For a personal touch, you can give it to him pre-filled with his favourite tipple. If your father is into shooting, I think this shot set stacked into a giant gun cartridge is a great stylish novelty gift that is still very functional and great for him to take out with him in the field.

Have you got your Fathers Day gift sorted yet? Thankfully my gift is the last I’ve had to order from various UK mail order companies this year while in America. Though, as a side note from my experiences  Hotel Chocolat deserve a shout out for their wonderful Customer Service department who were very helpful and kindly sent out a new slab when my Mother unpacked my Fathers birthday slab to find it shattered and she rang them up; got it all sorted even though she was not the one who paid for it or whose account it was on.