Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Short Order, West Hollywood [NOW CLOSED]

I think when I leave Los Angeles, I’m not going to want to look at another burger again for a very, very long time. Except for the new Shake Shack in Covent Garden, or if I finally manage to get a table at MEATliquor, obviously. Yesterday’s burger stop (there have been quite a few since I picked Kathryn up from the airport on Saturday afternoon) was after a bit of light shopping at The Grove (over $200 off of a beautiful purple and navy Italian cashmere jumper in J.Crew, I call that a result!), in The Original Farmers Market. Short Order, lauded as one of the best burgers in Los Angeles, is on the corner of the market at 3rd and Fairfax. 


I automatically give kudos to any restaurant where when I order my burger ‘Medium Rare’, it actually comes Medium Rare, not Medium. It should be lovely, juicy and pink inside. This burger was perfect. 


Kathryn ordered Ida’s Old School Burger, which is a grass-fed beef patty with housemade pickle, tomato, griddled onion, iceberg lettuce, aged cheddar and secret sauce. She informed me that it was very enjoyable. 


I ordered the Short Order Burger which as well as my meat patty contained griddled mushrooms, bib lettuce, and mustard mayo. It is also supposed to have reading raclette, but as I can’t eat cheese I went without. It was very drippy and juicy, but as the meat was so perfectly cooked and the flavour of the mushrooms and the mustard mayo so perfectly complemented each other I’ll forgive them. The bun was also delicious, perfectly toasted and glossy. I’d be coming back for another if I were not leaving the city next week.


To share as a side we went for our servers recommendation of a bucket of the Short Order Spuds, which are basically baked and fried pulled apart pieces of baking potato instead of our usual choice of  Sweet Potato Fries, and because it sounded delicious we plumped for a truffle mayo dip. 


They tasted great, and because the burgers were so much we could not finish all of them, but while there was nothing wrong with them, they had no element to make them stand out, so we would have probably been better off trying the herbed sweet potato offerings on the menu. The truffle mayo, however, was absolutely delicious and something I think I must try to make myself at home to add a little something extra to regular comfort food. 

Angelenos, have you been to Short Order since it opened two years ago, or do you have another favourite dining spot in The Original Farmers Market. Londoners, which new American burger chain opening this Summer in Covent Garden; Five Guys or Shake Shack?