Stay Tuned: This Week I’m Taking Over The Birchbox Blog

So I know I usually don’t take over guest spots on other peoples blogs, but this week I’m going to be guest editing the Birchbox (USA) blog. It is such an honour to be asked to contribute to what has been one of my favourite and go to beauty blogs over the last year or so, and I have had such fun coming up with some great posts that you will hopefully all love for my guest spot this week. Make sure you check the Birchbox blog every day not to miss any of my posts which will include some beauty product picks for pale girls in hot countries (which will include some of the product finds I’ve come across here in Los Angeles), a piece on British High Street beauty brands and a couple of super easy, super delicious recipes for Summer. 


So you don’t miss out make sure you subscribe to the Birchbox Blog or follow Birchbox on Twitter. Alternatively, I will be posting the links to my guest posts up on my Facebook page, so you can keep up with them there. 

Have a fantastic week everyone, especially while I am bogged down with my final exams here at UCLA. I finish up on Friday and my best friend and partner in crime over at The Glossy Guide arrives here on Saturday, so it might be a good time to follow Kathryn and I on Instagram to keep up with our final week and a half of Southern Californian adventures before we fly back to London!