Weekly Love: Week 136

So, my last ‘Weekly Love’ post live from Los Angeles. Honestly, I have not been up to much except for studying and eating over the past two weeks as I’ve been finishing up at UCLA; I have my last final, American Drama at 8am this morning. Can you imagine an 8am exam at a British university?! Anyway, so not much to report, except for American readers, you need to be watching The American Baking Competition on CBS. It is the new American version of the cult favourite across the pond The Great British Bake Off, and the American version makes equally as compelling viewing in the world of food based reality TV shows. The format is the same as the British version, as well as the music. Most importantly though, bread maker extraordinaire Paul Hollywood is also a judge on the US version, and I feel America needs to know who this wonder of the kitchen is. 


1. My Dutch Art History professor brought bunches of tulips to our final exam and gave us one each when we left. | 2. Wonderful things can be made for lunch with leftover beans and the contents of my fridge. | 3. In the kitchen with Joy The Baker watching her remove homemade marshmallows from the pan and helping her work out DIY S’mores kit wrapping for the charity pop up shop she is hosting with  Bottle Stock in Los Angeles in Sunday. If you are in Los Angeles be sure to pop along, it is in aid of the Downtown Woman’s Center. | 4. Also, for fans of the Joy The Baker Podcast, meet Joy’s infamous cat. He is just as adorable and badly behaved as you think he is! | 5. Summer recipe testing. | 6. Yet more recipe testing, this time fried and breaded shrimp. The recipe still needs a few tweaks, but hopefully it will be appearing sometime this Summer!

In case you missed my announcement at the beginning of this week, since this week I started guest editing the Birchbox blog. I have a couple more to come, so look out for them, but here is a link to my first post over there: 5 British Drugstore Beauty Brands To Stow In Your Suitcase. Also, my penultimate (and last live from the wonderful city of Los Angeles) ‘Project LA’ column is online over at The High Tea Cast, with some thoughts about how the city has become a temporary home for me over the last 10 months

I also wanted to let you know about a great competition Laura Ashley are running at the moment. Laura Ashley fabrics and styles were a big part of growing up for me, they helped decorate my room, quite a few bits of the rest of my house and I went to children’s parties wearing their pretty pinafore dresses. To celebrate their 60th anniversary they are offering the chance to win a £1,000 Laura Ashley gift card, and more excitingly a tour of their archives in London. All you have to do to enter is to share a photo of one of your Laura Ashley memories on their Facebook page, where you can also browse through other peoples rather beautiful vintage memories too. I may have been distracted for about half an hour doing this! You can also share your entries on Twitter and browse other peoples photos there by using the hashtag #lauraashley60. I can’t wait to see all your entries, and I’m going to see if my mother can dig out a photo of me in one of my Laura Ashley dresses as a child.

7. Another recipe that wil be on the blog when I get back to England, a roasted vegetable topped couscous. | 8. Strawberry Mint Lemonade from the How Sweet Eats blog. | 9. Relaxing with the Sunday papers on my iPad. | 10. Experimenting with the Beautiful Mess App in my pyjamas  The dinner on my lap is my Pasta with Courgette, Chilli and Lemon. | 11. S’mashing S’mores bites from Trader Joe’s. How have I only just discovered these? | 12. Pretty orchids at Westwood Farmers Market.

I know one of the reasons you guys love ‘Weekly Love’ so much is because you enjoy finding new blogs to read through the sites I link to. So, below using the ‘Simply Linked‘ widget you can submit your own links to be shown at the bottom of each ‘Weekly Love’ post. If you have a blog post that you’ve posted during the two weeks since the last Weekly Love post; be it a recipe you are particularly proud of, photos you’ve posted from your recent travels or an outfit you are particularly proud of styling, I, as well as the rest of your fellow readers I’m sure would love to see it. Just a note, to make this fair on everyone, please only submit one link per website, link to a post and not just your home page. Any spam links I will take care of. Also, just to help with my little level of blog post consistance OCD, I would really appreciate it if you could title your link the exact title of your original blog post.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m actually off to LAX tomorrow to be reunited with my best friend for the first time in almost 10 months, so needless to say I’m very excited!