Weekly Love: Week 137

Hello, I’m home! Welcome to the first ‘Weekly Love’ post live from the beautiful Kentish Countryside in 10 months. Frankly, it felt bizarre this morning waking up to silence smattered with a little bird song at my parents house after all that time living in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. On a side note about my trip home, thank you to everyones kind messages wishing Kathryn and I a safe journey home; the trip was actually okay, except for the proper British welcome we received from the M25, but we both got back safe and sound. Maybe it is lucky that jet lag has me up finishing this blog post at 5:30am, because I have also come home to a massive mountain of paperwork to also get through! 


1. Reunited with my best friend Kathryn for the first time in 10 months. This was us on our first day on Santa Monica beach together. | 2. A fantastic view of the famous and iconic Capitol Records building from Hollywood Boulevard. | 3. Moules Frites from Breadbar in Century City. Best friends share a lot of things, including favourite dishes. | 4. The Grove all dressed up for Summer. | 5. Delicious guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips to start at Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica. | 6. I’m going to miss LA in bloom. This photo was taken around the Venice Canals.

This week a couple more of my guest posts have gone up on the Birchbox blog: Do You Have A Signature Lipstick? and my Summer Shrimp Salsa recipe. Also, my amazing photographer friend Nicole has posted up her photos from our Memorial Day Weekend trip to Newport Beach, so be sure to head over and check them out there are some simply fantastic shots in there!

weeklylove280613[2] copy
7. Chilling with my new friend Mickey Mouse outside the Disney Store on Hollywood Boulevard. | 8. On my last night in Los Angeles, spent on Santa Monica Pier I felt it would be amiss if I did not try one of America’s heart attack inducing specialities. This is a traditional funnel cake (fried batter) smothered in icing sugar and hot fudge sauce. Needless to say between the two of us only 1/4 of it was eaten! | 9. An upside down view from my sun lounger by my building’s pool. | 10. An arm party against the background of my Milly x Banana Republic skirt featuring my trusty Citizen watch, and bangles from Kate Spade and J.Crew. | 11. Short Order Spuds with a side of Truffle Mayo at Short Order in West Hollywood. | 12. The view out over Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory.

I know one of the reasons you guys love ‘Weekly Love’ so much is because you enjoy finding new blogs to read through the sites I link to. So, below using the ‘Simply Linked‘ widget you can submit your own links to be shown at the bottom of each ‘Weekly Love’ post. If you have a blog post that you’ve posted during the two weeks since the last Weekly Love post; be it a recipe you are particularly proud of, photos you’ve posted from your recent travels or an outfit you are particularly proud of styling, I, as well as the rest of your fellow readers I’m sure would love to see it. Just a note, to make this fair on everyone, please only submit one link per website, link to a post and not just your home page. Any spam links I will take care of. Also, just to help with my little level of blog post consistance OCD, I would really appreciate it if you could title your link the exact title of your original blog post.

What have you been doing this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? Honestly, this weekend for me is going to be all about getting my life sorted out!