Breakfast Time: Introducing Graze’s Breakfast Boxes

In my post about eating ethics I mentioned that when I am not snacking on homemade treats, instead of buying things at the store I get a weekly Graze box instead. I thought now would be a good time to reintroduce you all to the Graze box as they have some exciting new boxes and features they have recently launched that I am really excited about. Graze is a subscription box that fits through your letter box at least once a week featuring little balanced treats such as seeds, popcorn, chocolate and dried fruit mixes, olives, and even tiny pieces of focaccia and flapjacks. They are all healthy and delicious, and you can choose what you get in your boxes depending on preference. They are a favourite snack food of mine and they have been for years, I’ve also turned my Mother onto them so when I am staying with my parents there are always a couple of boxes scattered around our kitchen! You can cancel any time (though I can’t see why you’d want to!), they cost £3.89 each, and you can get your first Graze nibble box for free if you sign up using the code N7RCXLW.


I got the email about it when I was still in America and ordered my first one to be here when I got back to England, but Graze have recently launched Breakfast Boxes featuring four different fruit and nut flavoured porridge portions, each served with a spoonful of honey. Mine is set to arrive once a month, and they cost £2.99 each. Breakfast Boxes are only available to people with an existing Graze account, but this can be created with your first box free using my code mentioned above. Once you have signed up, you can use the code 34FZJJK to join your first Breakfast Box for free, too. Basically, you get a free Nibble Box and a free Breakfast Box with no obligation, though I guarantee you you are going to want to keep up with your subscriptions! I think I’ve had mine for over three years now, only breaking for the USA.
Each breakfast box comes with a portion of porridge  most of which come with a drizzle of honey. The little booklet that comes in each Graze box in this instance has cooking instructions. You measure your milk (or in my case water) out using the tub your oats came in, so the whole process is deliciously low fuss. From the above photos you can see that my Apple and Cinnamon portion I had in the morning before heading to London for the day last week does not make for the most aesthetic breakfast, but it did taste wonderful. This box typically arrives once a month so you can have about once portion once a week. I’m more of a fresh fruit, yogurt and bagel person for my breakfasts, but I find these little portions are perfect and simple if I’m in a rush or I don’t want to think about what I’m doing if I have an early start. Also, if you don’t want to bother cooking them, they are great sprinkled dry over a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt, too. 

As well as breakfast boxes, Graze have launched their service in the USA. Just my luck it launched just as I was leaving, I suffered my year in America without my weekly snacks. Anyway, it is the same nibble box service, and it costs $5. It is a wait list service at the moment with a promo code to sign up; visit this web page to add your email address to the wait list, and get your first box for free. They also sometimes put sign up codes as specials on their Facebook page, so it is also worth keeping an eye on that for a chance at early access. 

How many of you guys are already Graze subscribers, and how many of you, especially among my American readers are now thinking of signing up to the service? Who has already had a chance to try the Breakfast Box?