Weekly Love: Week 138

I don’t think I have ever been happier to be home. Everyone has been thanking me for bringing the weather back from Los Angeles with me, and lets hope it lasts a bit longer! I’ve been up to London twice, both for press days, after work drinks with friends and for garden parties. Back down in the countryside I’ve been enjoying long afternoon walks through the fields, lazy evening barbecues and warm days moving the office out onto the patio. As you read this, I’ll actually be en-route to the French house so be prepared for lots of food and travel photos when I return. I’ve scheduled some posts to go online while I’m gone, and you can catch up with my Brittany archives here. However, if I’ve set everything up right on my new iPhone 5, I’ll still be posting Tweets and Instagrams from France, so be sure to follow me on @makingmewonder and @missrachelphipps.


1. My first day back in London last week, spending some quality time in my old stomping ground of East London. | 2. Lemon Dover Sole perfectly cooked from my favourite country pub for food, The Griffins Head in Kent, just outside of Canterbury. | 3. Fresh cherries picked right from the trees at Pilgrims Nook. | 4. A picnic lunch in Regents Park from the Selfridges Food Hall. | 5. Choosing from my first box of Hotel Chocolat in what feels like forever.  | 6. After work cocktails at The Drift Bar in Bishopsgate.

Also, while I mentioned this one Wednesday I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who nominated me, because Rachel Phipps has been nominated for ‘Best Food Blog’ in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards 2013. I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment out of your day to lend me your vote over at Cosmo.

I’ve had quite a few questions about which cookbooks I absolutely love, have in my collection and I cook out of all the time. Rather than do a one off blog post on my favourites that won’t get updated or get lost, I’ve created a page for My Favourite & Most Used Cookbooks that I will keep on updating which includes books out of my personal collection, and books from my Mothers massive collection that I either used growing up and I still refer to, or that I always reach for when I am at my parents house and cooking a family meal.  If you click on each book on the page it will take you to Amazon so you can get your own copy, and while I have linked to the page above, you can usually find it linked from my About page.


7. The main gate of Canterbury Cathedral, one of the most important buildings of my childhood and where I will always associate with home. | 8. Enjoying my Mothers homemade strawberry ice cream. | 9. Enjoying English buildings again running errands in the little historic town of Sandwich. | 10. Freshly picked strawberries from the Pilgrims Nook vegetable gardens. | 11. A lunch suitable because it was Summer, it was sunny and it was a Sunday. | 12. A slice of the Tarte au Citron I made last weekend to enjoy after our Chicken, Bacon & Honey Mustard Barbecue Skewers, served with homegrown raspberries.

I know one of the reasons you guys love ‘Weekly Love’ so much is because you enjoy finding new blogs to read through the sites I link to. So, below using the ‘Simply Linked‘ widget you can submit your own links to be shown at the bottom of each ‘Weekly Love’ post. If you have a blog post that you’ve posted during the two weeks since the last Weekly Love post; be it a recipe you are particularly proud of, photos you’ve posted from your recent travels or an outfit you are particularly proud of styling, I, as well as the rest of your fellow readers I’m sure would love to see it. Just a note, to make this fair on everyone, please only submit one link per website, link to a post and not just your home page. Any spam links I will take care of. Also, just to help with my little level of blog post consistance OCD, I would really appreciate it if you could title your link the exact title of your original blog post.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend. My plan is lots of good French food, wine, aperitifs and a good political biography out on the patio under the walnut tree.