Weekly Love: Week 139

I would like to apologise about the slightly thin nature of this weeks ‘Weekly Love’. Yesterday I’d had a very long day; I had a horrible dentist appointment. I had a rather substantial and stressful business with  an up until I threatened to blog about it customer service experience and several long meetings. As a result, when I went to put the pictures into this post, I accidentally deleted with no way of getting back all of the links I had been collecting over the past two weeks, so this post is just what I managed to put together after dinner last night. Really, after the week I’ve had, after a wonderfully relaxing week in France I have really learnt that some of the best things in life are amazing friends to hang out with at the end of a long day. 


1. Lavender in full bloom in the Pilgrims Nook Gardens. | 2. The very best way to cook a steak. | 3. Watching the sunset on the beach with a bottle of wine and perfect company. | 4. Pizza break between flat viewings in London. | 5. An after dinner stroll along Whitstable seafront with two of my best friends. | 6. Picking out Rose wine in the French supermarket.


7. The view out over the Oyster beds and down the coast in Cancale. | 8. The carnage created by going out for tapas with old school friends at Williams & Brown. | 9. A Mr. Whippy by the seaside. | 10. Picking wild Sweet Peas for the French kitchen table. | 11. The view out over East London from the Greenlight offices in Bishopsgate Tower. | 12. The Ginger Ale Ribs from the What Katie Ate cookbook.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have for the weekend. Tonight I’m heading into London for Sherin‘s birthday drinks (Happy Birthday Sherin!) and tomorrow I’m off for my first proper clothes shopping trip with my Mummy for almost a year! Oh, and before I forget, last Sunday over on The Glossy Guide I shared a peek inside my beauty bag, featuring some of my current beauty favourites.