Gift Guide: Back To University Essentials

In about two weeks time I’m about to start my third and final year at university, and over the next couple of days I’m due to move into my third set of student digs since I left school in the Summer of 2011. After all, the whole food aspect of this blog started with my ‘Student Suppers’ column, shot with terribly lit and styled photos in my student halls shared kitchen, I thought I’d mark the last time I’d be able to write a ‘back to university’ post from an actual students perspective by putting together a gift guide, either for friends or family of incoming students, or existing students to treat themselves from with some treats and essentials for both their rooms and kitchens be they/ you be moving into halls for the first time, or a new flat. 


Joules Striped Mug: £9, Spotted 60 Minute Egg Timer: £5.50, Cath Kidston Blue Spotted Apron: £20, Jamie Oliver Vegetable Peeler: £4.06, Small Wander Whisk: £1.75,  Laura Ashley Mixing Bowl: £14.99, Blue China Tea Jar: £27.50, Breville Pink Hand Held Blender: £29.99, Coloured Plastic Containers: £4

Lets start in the kitchen; always, in my view the most important room in any house. Here we have a few of my ultimate kitchen essentials; plastic containers for freezing or refrigerating spare portions, vegetable peelers (I’m a disaster trying to do it with a knife) and those small, cheap metal mini whisks which I’ve been using in the kitchen forever and are perfect for anything except for beating panna cotta mix to scrambled eggs. However, the two items here I own in some guise or another and I could not live without are my Cath Kidston apron which my parents gave me for Christmas which helps me keep my clothes clean (I’m a messy chef!) and a hand held blender. This is great for making small portions of soups, sauces and even smoothies. Mine is by Kenwood, but I think these Breville coloured ones are adorable, and a must have. 


Cath Kidston Decrative Pillow: £30, Cath Kidston Eiderdown: £120, Cath Kidston London Mug: £7, Noble Isle Heath Honey Hand Wash: £18, Joules Blue Towel Set: £28, Joules Throw Rug: £85, Amara Anorak Fox Print Tuck Box: £135, Linea Nautical Laundry Basket: £25

Now, some other bits and pieces. Lets start with the few big ticket, investment pieces on this list. I love this fox print tuck box, and while you think it is an investment it will last you forever. I still use my bright pink tuck box I got when I started my second boarding school age 13 in my flat and it is great for cute storage, and packing your flat up when it is time to move into new halls. The Cath Kidston Eiderdown and Joules rug also look steep, but they’ll last forever, be much loved in Winter and will also move with you from place to place. In other news, I think I need this set of Joules towels in my life, and I actually use Noble Isle soaps in my own bathrooms in the Rhubarb Rhubarb! scent, both at home and in all the cottages at Pilgrims Nook. They are a fantastic, unique, best of British range with such and amazing ethos. 

What are your university, student or first time flat or apartment essentials that you would recommend to other Rachel Phipps readers?