Weekly Love: Week 116

By the time you read this I’ll already be in France. I’ve taken reading week as a chance to skip the country and head off to the country house, so while I have posts scheduled to go off while I’m away (look out for a fantastic Christmas themed food giveaway and a recipe from a fantastic new cookbook that is released next week), look forward to another instalment of my French Food Photo Diaries when I return this time next week. I hope you have a wonderful week wherever in the world you are at the moment and enjoy the weekend!

Weekly Love 011113[1]

1. An absolutely divine Toblerone Cupcake from The Primrose Bakery in Primrose Hill. It had a piece of mini Toblerone baked inside and the most divine honey chocolate frosting. | 2. An incredible Confit of Duck sandwich for lunch at Borough Market. | 3. The calm before the storm, Sunday morning at Pilgrims Nook. | 4. Enjoying a White Company ‘White Christmas’ (don’t judge!) votive candle with one of the one glass bottles of wine Sainsbury’s were kind enough to send me. I think it is a great idea if you are cooking for yourself, like I often am, as it means you are not tempted to keep on pouring if you have to open a whole bottle for just yourself. This French Merlot was rather lovely. | 5. I spent another evening doing some Autumn cooking back at The Underground Cookery School. Look out for a soufflĂ© tutorial I shot there, coming soon! | 6. I’ve been spending afternoons doing research for my dissertation in The Globe Theatre Archive Library, and it has been the most amazing experience.

Weekly LOve 011113[2]

7. Lazy Sunday afternoons wondering through Regents Park. | 8. London, you are beautiful during crisp Autumn sunsets. After finishing at The Globe I’ve been grabbing a hot cup of peppermint tea from Starbucks and wandering down Southbank. | 9. Seasonal vegetables at Borough Market. | 10. Speaking of Borough Market, if you see me in the afternoons wandering around London Bridge with a coffee cup in hand, it probably is not coffee or peppermint tea. One of the best things about Borough Market in Autumn are hot, steaming cups of mulled wine! | 11. The team at Liberte were kind enough to send me a selection of their new strawberry, honey and lemon yogurts to try; I’m already a massive fan of their blueberry ones. My Mummy, who is usually a lemon yogurt fan enjoyed hers, and I am rather partial to the strawberry ones. If you see them in the supermarket, they make a great breakfast food or afternoon snack. | 12. Taking in London’s famous architecture while heading to Southbank.

What have you been doing this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m looking forward this weekend, and week I’m on holiday being able to curl up in front of the wood fire with a glass of wine and a bar of French chocolate while I do my university reading, gorge myself on the local seafood and just relax a bit in the middle of nowhere.