Recipe Roundup #1: Chimichurri Steak, Chicken Pho & White Chocolate Chunk Lavender Ice Cream

So, it is time for a new feature! Lots of people have been asking me why I don’t include many recipes in my ‘Weekly Love‘ roundups every other week. The thing is, and it is really silly, it is because they bypass my system. Since about the beginning of this month I’ve actually been using a brand new and shiny MacBook Pro (the keys and battery were wearing out on my last one, and having a smaller, lighter laptop with a jazzy pro retina screen is just much more exciting!), and apparently watching me set it up to my exact specifications I’ve used on every MacBook I’ve ever had was hilarious. I can be very very OCD at times, and I like things to fit in with my ‘system’. My system for creating Weekly Love posts is having the blog post open as a work in progress, adding fun links as I find them and finishing it off with the photos and my introduction the night before.
Recipe Roundup 1
Recipes on the other hand, go right into my Evernote Food clipper so I can get them on my iPad. Different boxes, with me they don’t seem to overlap. But then I thought it was a shame that I was finding all of these great recipes on other peoples blogs, but I was never sharing them with you? So, towards the end of each month I’m going to sift through my Evernote (which by the way, is an amazing app and my most used on my iPad, if you like to cook from food blogs and you have an iPad, I seriously suggest you check it out) and share with you some of the recipes I’m most excited about making that I’ve found on other peoples blogs, and I’ll also throw in any that may be a bit older, but I have made over the month and I’ve particularly enjoyed. It would also be great in the whole spirit of sharing brilliant things that we ourselves have not created, if you all share any links to recipes you’ve found that look amazing, or that you’ve made recently in the comments section, so this series can become one seasonal recipe forum every month? Sound good? 

What recipes have you been enjoying this month, and are there any above that you now want to try as much as I do? I think most likely the steak and the salad will be next for me, once I have finished work on another steak recipe I’m currently playing with.