4 Really Great White Wines Under £10

At my favourite American grocery store, Trader Joe’s you can buy this wine called Charles Shaw which is more affectionately known as ‘Two Buck Chuck’. There is red and there is white, it costs about two bucks (there are different fluctuations as per different states), and for how much it costs it does not actually taste that bad. Now, usually I buy all of my wine this cheap in France, but when I do actually have to go and buy wine in England, I have no idea what I am doing. Also, I do have a budget, after all. So, I thought so all of you won’t have to be faced with this conundrum I’d be a bit of a guinea pig, and start tasting a few wines you can find in your average supermarket (I’ve used Sainsbury’s and Waitrose here), all for under £10 each and see what is not just drinkable, but enjoyable too. (I’m working on Red and Rosé wine posts too!)

Bellingham Pear Tree, Western Cape South Africa 

(£6.00, Sainsbury’s

This wine has hints of orange and melon and is really light and drinkable, even by itself. Something else I have learnt working on this feature is that unlike a lot of reds rosé wines I like, whites are either very good by themselves, or they really need to be served with at the least nibbles, but at the best a meal. At first, before tasting the wine I scoffed at the bottles suggestion to serve it at your book club, but it would actually be perfect for just that setting. Sometimes you should listen to the marketing stuff!

Riviera Muscat Sec, South of France 

(£5.99, Waitrose) 

So, I meant to put together detailed set of notes for this bottle as I did for the others, but I have to admit that it went down rather quickly between my mother and I while we were looking over information for our holiday this Summer and I was cooking our lamb supper on Easter Sunday. But what can I tell you about it, aside that it is a delicious and light white wine that goes down very easily at such a good price? It is from the Mediterranean, and when we’re talking about French wines that does actually mean that it is best suited to being drunk really really cold when it is really sunny. Shame most of us live in England, really! It is dry, floral and crisp, and as with most dry bright white wines, I suspect it would go fantastically with seafood, though it did pair very well with Greek style lamb too.

Sainsbury’s Winemaker’s Limestone Coast Chardonnay, South Australia 

(£6.00, Sainsbury’s)

Bright and refreshing, the back of the bottle lists hints of lemon, lime and melon which are all there, but there is also a pronounced after taste of honey blossom which is rather lovely. At first I thought this wine was too acidic, but once I tried it with food it rounded out really nicely. I enjoyed a great deal of this bottle on the phone, curled up on the sofa in the conservatory nibbling on a savoury snack from my Graze box. Only the regular white wine drinkers in my house enjoyed this one, but enjoy it we did!

Fish Hoek Sauvignon Blanc 2013, South Africa 

(£7.99, Waitrose

Another South African one, this wine is quite unique, fruity with gooseberry aftertaste that is really pronounced. My mother (who does actually know a lot about wine) guessed there was a gooseberry hint before even reading the bottle. It is really good on its own (before starting to work on this feature I was new to South African wine, so it was a really pleasant surprise), or with a nice white fish cooked with just butter and lemon. It is also really nice and smooth, and we all really enjoyed it.

I want to give a special thanks to the Sainsbury’s Wine Team that were really helpful when I was putting this post together, and who sent me some great wines over to try when I told them what I was working on. Look out for my feature on 4 Really Great Rosé Wines Under £10 which will be coming soon (I’ve already chosen one of the wines I’m going to feature, which I really, really love) and then my Red Wine edition too!