Places To Eat In London: Fish & Chips, Liverpool Street [Now Closed]

Breakfast at a place called Fish & Chips by Des McDonald is not necessarily what you’d expect. Tucked away a few streets down from Liverpool Street Station, this all day/ takeaway gourmet fish and chip shop has recently started serving up your morning meal (it is great for breakfast meetings), serving up everything from The Fisherman’s breakfast (a classic Full English) to Manx Kippers on Toast. The also have great coffee to go to grab on the way to work. I was curious to say the least when I was invited down to try the new menu, so I grabbed Izy for a bit of a catch up in the City before heading off to our respective meetings on Monday.

Breakfast Menu at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Open Kitchen at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
The Fish & Chip Shop Takeaway Menu, Liverpool Street
Bar at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Outdoor Seating at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Pineapple Juice at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Latte at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street

I’m not a coffee drinker so I opted for a pineapple juice (nice to have a choice that is not orange or apple on the menu), and Izy was already halfway through her latte when I arrived (silly trains making me late!) As a non-coffee drinker I was informed that it was lovely, balanced coffee that was not too milky. 

Crab & Chilli Omelette at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street

Not a fan of Manx kippers, but feeling that I ought to be trying some sort of fish related breakfast, I opted for the Crab & Chilli Omelette. Pretty filling made with three eggs (okay, so with juices at The Riding House Cafe in the middle, I did not get hungry for a good 5 hours after eating it), it was stuffed with spinach and wonderful amounts of rich, white crab meat in every bite. You could really get the taste of the crab, it it is what I’d recommend you order off the menu if you visit; it will certainly be my breakfast of choice in future. 

Seasonal Fruit Salad at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Seasonal Fruit Salad at The Fish & Chip Shop

On the side, to add a little bit of colour I ordered the Seasonal Fruit Salad, which we both really enjoyed. Fresh melon and pineapple chunks were interspersed with Winter oranges, grapefruit segments, and little matchsticks of fresh, crunchy apple. The classic orange juice and therefore all of the fruit was lifted beautifully with a little bit of lime zest, which made this prettily presented side something so much more than just a bit of fruit for breakfast. It was so good, I even finished up all the juice from the pot once the fruit was all gone! Another option to add to your breakfast of choice if you visit, for sure. 

Boiled Eggs at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Boiled Eggs & Ancient Grain Soldiers at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street
Ancient Bread Soldiers at The Fish & Chip Shop, Liverpool Street

Izy had the Boiled Eggs with Ancient Grain Soldiers. I did not try any, but I was informed that the bread was really interesting and delicious, and I was silently wondering to myself if the restaurant would notice if I stole their adorable pair of ‘Boiled Egg’ cups. I’m sorry that I don’t have a wonderful, dippy egg shot like in Monday’s blog post to show you, but I’m afraid we’ve come to literally the only let down we had in the entire meal; the eggs were a little too far gone in the middle to dip. Sad, but certainly not enough for me to not wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant again. I want to go back for another omelette, but this time with a side of avocado toast. 

There are several great places to go for breakfast within a stones throw of Liverpool Street Station for breakfast (you can see all of my ‘Places To Eat In London’ reviews here), but I’d really recommend you choose Fish & Chips as the menu, whilst mostly standard, has something a little bit different by way of the fish options, and it really is a great place where you can linger over your coffee for a good catch up. I’d also wager that you’d get pretty great fish, chips and seafood there too if you were to wander in in the middle of the day, based off the great food, atmosphere and service we received. They also have outdoor seating in front of the restaurant, and hidden around the side for the Summer, too.