Recipe: Asian Mushroom ‘Just Add Hot Water’ Jam Jar Noodles

I’m fully aware that if you read my blog, you probably read other blogs, and the concept of making up a ‘homemade pot noodle’ on a Sunday night and taking it into work with you the next day to just add hot water is nothing new. I’m not really one to repeat what has already been done (unless it is something totally genius like that one pot pasta everyone was talking about a couple of Summers ago), but as my current column for Borough Market is on easy and healthy desk lunches you can make ahead, I could not really ignore it, could I? Especially as I still slurp this up most lunchtimes, even after my feature was submitted!
Asian Mushroom ‘Just Add Hot Water’ Healthy Jam Jar Noodles
Homemade Mushroom Noodle Soup Jars
Packed Desk Noodles
In case you were wondering, my unique selling point for the noodles are the mushrooms. Anyone who is at all familiar with the market will know that it probably has the most vast and unique selection of wild mushrooms in London, and one of the biggest selections of Asian mushrooms outside of Chinatown. As mushrooms cook pretty quickly in hot water and go wonderfully in Asian style soups, they’re the perfect addition. I’ve used shiitake, buna shimeji and golden enoki mushrooms here, which all provide wonderfully contrasting different flavours and textures. Don’t worry if you don’t live in London, though, as you can now get mixed and Asian mushrooms at most supermarkets. Waitrose have a good mixed pack which includes all of the varieties I’ve just mentioned, and when I was in Tesco’s the other week hunting for some different varieties for a photography job, I discovered they now do a pretty great selection now as part of their ‘Finest’ range, too.
Packed Asian Mushroom ‘Just Add Hot Water’ Healthy Jam Jar Noodles
Mixed Asian Mushroom Noodles
Asian Mushroom ‘Just Add Hot Water’ Healthy Jam Jar Noodles with Fresh Lime
Another little boost I add to these noodles is that I pack a wedge of fresh lime in the jar to squeeze into the soup once hot water has been added and it has all been packed up. I find it adds a bit more of freshness and zing to the proceedings. And, I love little add ons with packed lunches. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who gets really excited when I buy sushi to go by those dinky little bottles of soy and fresh ginger sachets?
Jame Jar Noodles
For the full method and recipe for these noodles (the base paste I make here is now my go to for how I make miso soup) head over to the Borough Market blog. And, in case you’ve missed the first two instalments of my desk lunches column, click through to find my recipes for my Pearl Barley & Pomegranate Tabbouleh Salad and for my Prawn & Mango Vietnamese Salad Rolls