Upcycled Ceramic Herb Pots With The White Company

My Father and I have an ongoing thing about scented candles, which I’ve noticed more and more since I gave up my flat in London and moved back in with my parents last May. He can’t stand the smell of them, and as a consequence I can only burn them in my bedroom, bathroom or study. However, one thing he can’t understand more than why someone would want to fill their home with the smell of a scented candle, is why people would spend scented candle prices on, well, a scented candle. On some levels, I agree with him. Every time I walk past it in Liberty’s I sniff Diptque’s Insolite candle, but I’m never going to fork out £45 for it.

The White Company Candle Herb Pot DIY

While most of the fancier candles you may see popping up on my Instagram are actually press samples, one place I do occasionally treat myself to a surprisingly affordable candle from is The White Company, with a basic votive candle starting at only £16. To me, it is not Christmas without their ‘Winter’ candle, and once the Jo Malone Orange Blossom number I’m burning on my bedside table is done, I’ve got my eye on either their English Garden, Magnolia or Hyacinth Votive for Spring. Some nice fresh, English garden florals. 

Way back in April 2013 (!) the team at The White Company were kind enough to treat me to something a little fancier than one of my basic, 200g candles. Their large, three wick herbal candles come in beautiful white ceramic lidded pots (that would look fantastic burning on the kitchen windowsill), and my Fresh Thyme, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Rosemary number has been burning every time I have a bath, sitting on the edge next to my bubble bath ever since. 

The idea was, when they sent it to me, to enjoy the candle and then plant it up as a herb pot to share with you all, as a bit of a kitchen/ home idea. I’ve loved this candle, and while I’d never normally spend the £60 one of these costs on such a thing, I think it is actually really good value when you think that it has lasted me about two years. And that I’m able to carry on using the pot to plant my kitchen basil in, now that the weather is getting nicer and that it is back to being one of the herbs I always must have to hand.

When you’re cleaning out the candle once it won’t burn anymore, place the candle in a warm place so you’ll easily be able to wipe out any residual wax. Then, clean the whole thing with a sponge under hot running water, using some sort of kitchen cleaner that cuts through grease to get the white ceramic gleaming again. The, simply fill with potting compost, herb seeds and water well, leaving it on your kitchen windowsill to grow, or simply repot a supermarket herb pot if you’re the impatient type! You can buy your candle, ready to plant up sometime in 2017 from The White Company here. The current scent is Wild Mint, which is simply to die for, and one of their best sellers

What are your favourite uses for leftover jars from candles? I don’t save too many, but I have a plain white enamel holder that used to hold a Zara Jasmine candle on my dressing table for all my makeup brushes (the classic re-use!) and I think I might use my next one of these, as it has a lid, to store travel sized samples of my favourite products in for my bathroom.