Places To Eat In London: Delancey & Co., Fitzrovia [Now Closed]

For those of you who work in Fitzrovia around Goodge Street Station, I’ve found the perfect place for you to pick up your lunchtime sandwiches: New York style deli Delancey & Co. Open every weekday from 8am (so their smoked salmon bagels also have you sorted for breakfast if you were running late leaving the house in the morning), I’ve found my new go to for grabbing lunch to go in that part of town. Also, as I excitedly messaged my friend Jon, it is right next to our favourite cocktail bar Reverend JW Simpson, our favourite basement brothel turned cocktail bar (really!) so Delancey’s is the perfect spot for pre-cocktails salt beef. 

Delancey & Co.
Delancey & Co., London
Sandwich Board at Delancey & Co.
Seating at Delancey & Co., London
Menu at Delancey & Co., London

While Delancey & Co. is a great spot to grab a bite to take away with you, there is also a great atmosphere to sit inside up on one of the bar stools, or out on one of the picnic tables on the street when the weather is being a bit less British than it was on the day I visited. They have a good selection of beer and prosecco on tap (never a bad thing); the menu is up on the wall for everyone to peruse. 

Condiments at Delancey & Co., London
Counter at Delancey & Co.
Drinks at Delancey & Co.
Cheap Eats at Delancey & Co.
Sandwiches at Delancey & Co.
Lunch at Delancey & Co., London

After much deliberation waiting for Felicity to arrive, I opted for salt beef (it had to be) on a Challah roll, served with a smidgen of Dijon mustard (far superior to American or English) and some thinly sliced raw red onions. Plus, on the side I picked up one of their little tubs of fish balls. They’ve been an addiction of mine since my grandmother used to bring them down to the farm (with a loaf of Challah, incidentally) as she passed through London when I was a kid, and I can never pass them up if they happen to be available. 

Salt Beef Sandwiches at Delancey & Co.
Salt Beef Sandwich at Delancey & Co.

What followed was probably one of the best salt beef sandwiches I’ve ever had. Selfridges? You have competition. The beef was so moist and tender, with a delicate salt beef flavour; not the overpowering flavour I’ve got from some sandwiches that put me off for quite a few years. Just enough mustard was added (always important as you don’t really want to be bringing too much heat here), and the challah roll was the perfect balance of sweet and pillowy, with a nice chewy outside; the only thing that would have improved it would have been the addition of poppy seeds to the outside of the roll, but that is more of a personal preference. 

Fishballs at Delancey & Co., London
So, about those fish balls that I was automatically drawn to? Well, in my book there are three types of fish ball (yes, I get very technical with them!): homemade, those with sweet, dark slightly oily outsides and packed fishy centers, and this type, the light, slightly sweet (trust me, with fish it works) packed perfect blend of fish and matzo meal that are oh so good for picnic style snacking. I can’t really speak for the little tub of beetroot red Chrane (a traditional Jewish condiment made with horseradish, beetroot and vinegar) so I can’t really speak to its quality, but these fish balls are a must to grab alongside your lunchtime roll, sandwich or bagel. I’m also eyeing up their little tubs of potato salad for my next visit.
Salt Beef Sandwiches at Delancey & Co., London
Delancey & Co. is a real gem that has made me rather jealous of people who work in the area; almost as much as I want to be those people who work near an Ottolenghi. Oh, and if it is raining and you don’t fancy getting up from your desk, they deliver via Dine In and Deliveroo, too!