4 Really Great Rosé Wines Under £10

I’m probably right in thinking that we’re getting to that point in the Summer where we’ve all fallen into a bit of a rosé rut, right? An occupational hazard of having a home in France is that Côtes de Provence pretty much becomes a default setting because we buy such delicious varieties so cheaply in the local French supermarket. To help us all get out of our rosé ruts for the latter half of August and through September (I don’t pronounce it officially red wine season until it is cool, as well as rainy outside) I’ve selected 4, really great rosé wines you can get down your local supermarket from around the world that will hopefully help you enjoy something a little different when you crack open a bottle in the evenings or at the weekend. 

4 Really Great Rose Wines Under £10

Isla Negra, Chile

(£9.99, Tesco)

We’ve actually been drinking a lot of rosé from Chile this Summer, mainly because we’ve just seen it as something different on wine lists at first, but then it became something we sought out. They tend to be just a light and crisp as what you’d expect from a French Côtes de Provence, but with a fruitier edge that makes it a little bit more interesting, while still remaining very refreshing and great to go with food. This particular bottle has a lovely and very defined hint of cherry, and is great either with food or just on its. 

Palastri Pinot Grigio Blush, Italy
(£6.00, Sainsbury’s)

Is it funny that my favourite thing about this classic Pinto Grigio is its beautiful colour? I don’t think my photo does it justice; seriously, the next time you’re in Sainsbury’s just go have a look at a bottle. However, I do know that the most important thing about a wine is its taste, so I can tell you that this is my favourite out of the bunch to go with food. It is really, really crisp without being too try, or losing that mild fruitiness you want from all of your Summer rosés. 

Mirabeau Côtes de Provence, France

(£9.29, Waitrose)

I know I said I was ready to move on from Côtes de Provence at this point, but it does not mean that the rest of you are, so I thought I better hunt down a nice bottle of this Summer favourite for you all. Let us be honest, we all know what Côtes de Provence tastes like, so what makes this blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault stand out from the rest? All I can tell you is it does not taste like standard; it tastes like you’ve opened a special bottle of wine, rather than gone for something just out of the carafe. And isn’t that enough? 

Marquesa De La Cruz Garnacha Rosado, Spain

(£7.99, Waitrose)

Finally on this little tour of popular rosé regions we’re stopping off in Spain for my pick for a wine to drink by itself, nice and chilled after a long day at work (well, that is what I’ve been doing, anyway!) It is quite sweet (but not sickly or enough to be classed as a dessert wine) with a bit more nectar in its taste than you’re average off the shelf rosé. I picked it up on a whim on my way home one evening, and I love how heavy it is with strawberry and raspberry flavours.

Which rosé wines have you been enjoying this Summer; any particular bottles or regions I need to explore during the last blast of sunshine before we start heading into Autumn? Special thanks to the team at Waitrose Cellar who provided me with some bottles to try when I was putting together this feature, including one of the bottles I ended up featuring here.