Places To Eat In Glasgow: Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

A couple of weekends ago I hopped on a flight at London City Airport, and an hour later I was touching down in Glasgow to spend the weekend being shown around the foodie side of the city by the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau. On Saturday morning, after rolling out of one of citizenM’s insanely big and pillowy beds at their Glasgow hotel (you can read my review of their practically identical London hotel here) we set off out into the Scottish sunshine for breakfast at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, a small basement joint in the heart of the city in search of one of their famous Glasgow meets Bombay breakfasts and some Indian tea.
Breakfast at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

Babu Kitchen, Glasgow
Outside Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow
Babu Bombay Street Kitchen
Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Scotland
Babu Bombay Street Kitchen Sign, Glasgow
Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow
Indoor Seating at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

Heading down the steps from the street to the basement (we ate out on a table on the street as it was such a lovely day) they have a couple of street style tables and stools to perch at with your food, and a long counter and open kitchen to select your goodies from popping in throughout the day for a bit of a pick me up. They also have a great selection of delicious looking takeaways to grab and go for lunch, including honest to god tiffins stuffed with delights. Has anyone actually eaten lunch from a tiffin before?

Curry To Go at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow
Tiffins at Babu Bombay Street Kitche, Glasgow
Outside Catering at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow
Tea Menu at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

I’m not really a coffee or a milk drinker, so I was excited to see a hot drink option that appealed to me to go with my breakfast. If you’re after something a little bit different, I can really recommend a steaming mug of their Cardamom Tea, which has just that mild spiced aroma without being too overpowering or perfumed, but is just strong enough not to be watery. Oh, and everyone else rather enjoyed the coffee they have there, too. 

Indian Scrambled Egg Roll at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

Their breakfast menu is pretty simple, boasting just four different items; three different chapatti wraps and their famous Bhurji Pau, a buttery Morton’s roll (a Glaswegian staple) stuffed with spicy local free range scrambled eggs, made with ginger, red onion, tomatoes, green chilli and fresh coriander, held together with a good squidge of their house mayo. Big and buttery (also surprisingly easy to eat without all of the egg falling out) I’d recommend this as the perfect way to set yourself up for a day of exploring the city, or to cure a hangover if you’re not one for Iron Bru (after smelling an open can, I was not brave enough to try some!) I also have plans to try and recreate this at home, though I’m not sure my version will be as good without the rolls. 

Bacon Wrap at Baby Bombay Street Kitchen
Indian Omlette Wrap at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

As far as the chapatti’s are concerned, each combines salad and their house green chilli and coriander mayonnaise with either a generous serving of smoked bacon or sheets of omelette. Both are rather delicious, slightly different breakfast wraps (a great way to start your weekend on the go), and they also include the option to double up and stuff your chapatti with both bacon and omelette. I think I can take a guess at which option is the most popular! Oh, and did I mention that they are all only £3.50 each (£4.50 for the omelette and bacon chapatti)?

While there are plenty of great sit down, traditional restaurants that are pretty fantastic across the city (I’ll be sharing my favourite of those we ate at – it has a pretty cult following, can you guess which one? – soon), for a quick, casual weekend breakfast with friends to kick off your day you can’t go wrong with a breakfast with a difference from Babu Kitchen. 

I traveled to Glasgow and ate at Bombay Babu Street Kitchen as a guest of the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau