Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Naughty Egg

I’ve been home in Canterbury the past few days catching up with old friends (as well as doing all the usual admin like going to the dentist and taxing my car!), but I’ve also had some chance to try out some new places I’ve wanted to eat for ages, but not really had the chance to since I moved to Canterbury in February. I was told about The Naughty Egg, an all-day egg bar inspired by L.A.’s Eggslut before it opened in March, but unbelievably yesterday was my first visit. Canterbury? The fact you can now get gloriously eggy sandwiches and loaded fries both in store (they have about 9 stools to perch on) and on Deliveroo makes me very jealous.

Egg & Bacon at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Outside The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Logo Sign at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Blackboard at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Shop Counter at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Menu at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Fresh Herbs at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Lunch at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps

What used to be a slightly grim pizza and kebab shop down Castle Street (a bit off the main high street, so take the time to seek it out!) has been transformed into a fun, bright egg shop (okay, perfect for Instagram – you can follow The Naughty Egg here!) which you can’t help but miss with their blue frontage down the street.

Egg Sandwiches at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Smoked Salmon Bagel at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps

There are 10 filling combinations to choose from (plus a special, which is a Full English Breakfast one at the moment), with your choice of scrambled or fried eggs, and either a warm brioche bun (baked locally in Faversham – all the eggs are from a local farm, too), a bagel, a flatbread, wholegrain wrap or a rocket and parmesan salad box (for you gluten free people out there). I had the Egg and Bacon – smokey streaky bacon cooked American (crispy!) style, scrambled eggs, crispy onions and chipotle sauce, which was wonderfully rich, more-ish, and miracriously did not fall apart in my fluffy brioche bun. My Mum loved her Smoked Salmon bagel, with scrambled eggs, rocket, cream cheese and chives (as she is not much of a meat or melted cheese eater), I think happy to be my partner in crime for another review – we do less of them now I’ve left home!

Crispy Duck Fries at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps
Loaded Crispy Duck Fries at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps

On the side (which you don’t really need, the rolls are enough for lunch, but we wanted to try them!) we had a new addition to the menu: Crispy Duck Fries. You get a choice of sweet potato and skinny, topped with an unctuous hoisin mayo, crispy pieces of roast duck, honey, spring onion and fresh cucumber. These were wonderful; crisp not soggy, full of flavour and something you seriously can’t miss out on ordering. I loved that they were something different, though they do also do their own version of Bleeker Street’s angry fries! 

Shopping with my parents (especially as it will be time to start Christmas shopping again, unbelievably!) I’m always after somewhere quick and delicious for lunch that keeps everyone happy (but perhaps is not as meaty as a pulled pork roll from Pork & Co., my Dad is not big on ramen so Tamago is out, and I think I’ve traumatised my Mum with the amount of kimchee fried rice I’ve fed her at Kyoto!) in Canterbury, so I’m so pleased I’ve finally been for my first Naughty Egg!