Places To Eat In Canterbury: Taco Bill, Rad Burger & Cafe Yaya at Sun Street Feast [NOW CLOSED]

So, when I reviewed that incredible meal at Little French in Bristol way back in February did I think that it would be my last restaurant review for a while! It’s taken a while to get back into eating out (so far I’ve just been spending a lot of time on the outdoor tables at my local pub!) but on Thursday I headed into Canterbury to check out our cities most exciting new opening: Sun Street Feast, a collective of local street food favourites all under one roof on the old Deeson’s site.

Here you’ll find the new home of Canterbury institution Pork & Co. (though they’ve still got their own separate entrance next door), Taco Bill (do you remember them from their Alberry’s residency?), Rad Burger (who I’ve seen around but never actually tried), Eski Bros (ditto) and a newcomer I’m super, super excited about, Cafe Yaya.

Taco Bill at Sun Street Feast, Canterbury.
Taco Bill Tacos at Sun Street Feast, Canterbury.

There is indoor and outdoor seating (as well as takeaway) so as it was rather hot and humid I settled down outside first with some tacos from Taco Bill. As a former Angeleno used to eating tacos from food trucks serving California’s Mexican community as well as the food obsessed residents of Los Angeles, I have very high taco standards, but I’m happy to report they’re just as delicious and authentic as the last time I tried them.

I went for one of each: their pork belly and pineapple taco, their Baja fish taco with guacamole, and one I’d not tried before, courgette served with goats curd and a red roasted salsa. The courgette was a solid veggie option and I liked the pork belly, but really, honestly (and looking back I said this the last time I reviewed them) you need to get the fish tacos. Moist, light tender fish in a beautifully crisp batter, with a beautiful slaw and flavourful guac. The perfect taco.

Obviously after that I did not have room for a whole burger, but there was one smaller item I’d heard Rad Burger had become known for: their halloumi fries. Crisp on the outside and gooey in the middle, they’re slathered in mint yogurt and pomegranate molasses to make for a super addictive mouthful. Honestly, don’t call this a side dish: it’s a veggie main, and an absolutely excellent one at that.

After popping around town finishing off my various errands (oh what am I talking about, after treating myself to yet more paperbacks in Waterstones!) I headed back to Sun Street Feast to grab dessert for that evening from the new arrival I was most excited to try: Cafe Yaya, who are serving up craft coffee, New Orleans-inspired cocktails (that yes I will be trying the next time I’m there and not driving) and their headline item, New Orleans Beignets. For the uninitiated, these are little squares of a doughnut style dough, commonly served warm with coffee, dredged in icing sugar. And they’re bloody excellent. 

Fresh Beignets from Cafe Yaya at Sun Street Feast, Canterbury.
Flavouring Beignets from Cafe Yaya at Sun Street Feast, Canterbury.
Cinnamon Beignets at Sun Street Feast, Canterbury.
Cinnamon and Chocolate Beignets from Cafe Yaya at Sun Street Feast, Canterbury.

Cafe Yaya’s beignets are fried to order while you wait, and finished with your choice of icing sugar, plain, cinnamon or chocolate (and yes you can get a mixture!) Enjoy them as warm as possible (I think the cinnamon ones are the best) but as you can see from this plate of them I took home with me they’ll just about last if you want to take them home to enjoy later that day. Just, your car will smell delicious and it might be very distracting driving home. I just know these are going to become a regular treat for me!