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Easy Mixed Mushroom Risotto

  • Author: Rachel Phipps
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 55 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: Serves 2
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: One Pot
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Diet: Vegetarian


This easy, autumnal Mixed Mushroom Risotto relies on dried mixed mushrooms and cheap chestnut mushrooms for a rich, nutty, vegetarian treat perfect for your next at-home date night!


  • 15g (1/2 oz) dried mixed mushrooms
  • unsalted butter
  • 125g (4 1/2 oz) chestnut mushrooms
  • freshly ground sea salt & black pepper
  • large banana shallot
  • 1 tbsp light oil
  • 150g (5 1/4 oz) risotto rice
  • 130ml (1/2 cup) dry white wine
  • small handful freshly grated parmesan, plus extra for serving
  • roughly chopped flat leaf parsley or fried sage leaves, for serving


  1. Boil the kettle and pour 770ml (3 1/4 cups) boiling water over the dried mushrooms and set aside.
  2. Heat a knob of butter in a medium, non-stick frying pan over a high heat. Peel and roughly chop the mushrooms and add them to the pan, seasoning well and cooking for a few minutes until tender and golden in places. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. Meanwhile, peel and finely chop the shallot.
  4. Add the oil to the pan and reduce the heat to medium. Add the shallot with another few grinds of salt and gently fry until soft, but not yet golden. Stir in the risotto rice and cook for a few minutes until the rice is slick and glossy with the oil and the grains are heated through.
  5. Add the white wine and allow to bubble away, stirring occasionally.
  6. Drain the dried mushrooms, reserving the soaking liquid. Gradually add this, a little at a time, stirring almost every minute into the risotto until almost totally absorbed.
  7. When you have about 3 tbsp of liquid left, stir in the dried soaked mushrooms and cooked mushrooms. Add the last 2 tbsp of liquid, leaving the last tbsp in the bottom of the jug with any grit from the dried mushrooms.
  8. Stir another generous knob of the butter into the risotto, followed by the grated parmesan. Season to taste, and serve immediately topped with more cheese and your choice of herbs.


Be sure to use vegetarian parmesan if this matters to you.