Friday, 11 April 2014

Places To Eat In Canterbury: Pork & Co.

[This Pork & Co. has now closed, but they've opened a deli with the same pork rolls, and a bigger, better menu a couple of doors down!]

While in any given week in London there is a new and exciting food concept or restaurant for me to get excited about (okay, so it has been open for a month or so now, but my current excitement is stemming from my planned trip to Polpetto next week to see what Florence Knight is getting up to in her new home), it takes an awful lot for me to get excited enough about something food related in my beautiful hometown of Canterbury to actually get in the car with the only purpose of going out for lunch. It is funny that I have just mentioned Polpetto, actually, because my latest foodie discovery in Canterbury came my way via Polpetto's owner Russell Norman on Twitter: Pork & Co, the pulled pork hog roast concept on Palace Street by Sam Deeson, the guy behind one of my favourite and most visited Canterbury eateries a few doors down: Deeson's.  

As well as trying the food, I wanted to get to know a bit more about this exciting new concept, unusual for a food scene such as Canterbury's, so I sat down with Sam to find out where exactly the idea came about. It was inspired by hog roasts at food festivals, but with all the trimmings; hand crafted buns for example, rather than the usual supermarket baps. All the equipment for the shop was custom made to, so it could be perfect just for purpose without a detail missed. It is honestly a passion project built alongside the original restaurant (which was originally meant to be portable, but Sam liked the structure of having a shop front), but keeping the same ethos of everything being British, rather than 'local', which is at this point a word I associate more with tired PR press releases than somewhere I actually want to eat at.
All of the pigs used at Pork & Co are rare breed, and most of them come from The Bunker, Deeson's & Pork & Co.'s smallholding. The rest are all still British (local) pigs, and the shop gets through an entire roast one every day! Just look at that pork. I've had a few errands to run in Canterbury over the past few days, and every time I've walked past I've seen people peering in at it through the window! I mean, who wouldn't?
Pork&Co2 DSC_0566
I chose to have my pulled pork stuffed, dipped bun also loaded with apple sauce, black pudding and a nice and crisp shard of pork crackling. At this point after eating so much pulled pork I find it really hard to describe the exact flavours in the pork, so I'll just have to settle for juicy and delicious instead. The black pudding was not too metallic, which I sometimes find is an issue, and it balanced out the pork really well in terms of flavour and texture, with the sweet bursts of apple sauce coming through every few bites.
Pork&Co5 Pork&Co3 Pork&Co4 DSC_0597 Pork&Co1 DSC_0605
Have you found any new exciting concepts in your hometowns recently (I'm excluding Londoners in this, as we usually have all the fun in the capitol!)? I was reading on Amy's blog yesterday about some of the new street food vendors who have arrived this month indoors at Trinity Leeds, and I must say that I am jealous of the line up. Also, if you're in Leeds I can really recommend in there Rola Wala, the Indian naan wrap vendor. I actually have a feature on them coming up from when I tried them at their rotation at street food collective extraordinaire KERB King's Cross


  1. Gosh, it looks scrumptious!

  2. Ahh looks so good! Have to try it! Isn't this where Shake Shed used to be though? Didn't know they closed down :(

  3. It is amazing, you need to go, and we both need to try the ramen place I found! And yes, it is where Shake Shed used to be, but you know I can't have milkshakes, so I'm obviously over the moon about this!! (P.S. we need to catch up soon xx)

  4. I don't know how I have missed this! Quite gutting that I am leaving Canterbury for four weeks, though not as gutted as my boyfriend is as he won't be back for 18 months!

  5. Canterbury is rather awesome, which is why I chose to move back here now I'l leaving London. And is he doing year abroad then? Also, at least you'll have this to look forward to when you get back! And honestly, you have not missed anything as it only opened last weekend!

  6. We love this place - my friends are buzzing about their sausage rolls and frequently stock up on them to take home! So glad you found it

    Becs xx

  7. Thanks for the link, lovely :) Trinity Kitchen is pretty exciting! I am definitely going to get myself to Rola Wala ASAP!

    It's been so awesome to watch exciting food concepts blossom in Leeds over the past couple of years - we might not have quite the volume of places as you guys do in London, but some really innovative places have been opening up!

    My favourite at the moment is Nord ( - I went to a taster evening recently and it was so excellent. Really interesting cooking techniques and flavour combinations but also really affordable - definitely one to watch!

  8. Daaaaamn. My mouth is actually watering. This might sound a bit affected, but I'm such a hogroast fan! I'll definitely make sure to give this a visit if I'm ever down Canterbury way, thanks Rachel :) I'd love to see some more posts on local gems because you're right, London does tend to hog (ha) the spotlight a fair amount!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  9. Oh wow, this looks amazing!

    I need to get myself to Canterbury. We don't really have a lot of street food in my part of Somerset, unfortunately.

  10. Oh my giddy aunt this looks amazing!

    Maria xxx