Places To Eat In London: The Diner

I am a massive fan of the all day American breakfast, so I was naturally really excited about going to The Diner (the one just off Carnaby Street) for some bacon, pancakes and maple syrup. 


I headed straight to the all day breakfast section of the menu (naturally) and was over the moon to not only find what I wanted but that I’d be able to go back for other favourites I discovered while I was in California in February such as breakfast burritos. The Diner also does other All American foodstuffs too if you’re not a fan of eating breakfast at any time of the day. (But if you’re not, you’re not actually normal..!) DSC_0145

OJ, tomato juice (my new obsession) and Diet Coke.


This is one of my all time favourite meals – American pancakes with pancake syrup,  bacon and light scrambles eggs. I pour the syrup over the whole lot – total bliss! It was also one of the best versions I’ve had of this outside America. 


The hash browns are also pretty big and pretty awesome too!

Have you been to The Diner before? If you have not, and you’re London based I really recommend it!