What’s In My Handbag? (02/01/12)

My parents hid this beautiful soft brown leather ‘Arianna’ handbag from Hobbs under the Christmas tree, and I have been totally in love with it ever since!
I thought, as I have not done one for absolutely ages, what better way to show it of to you than to show you what is inside it?

Looking back on past posts, I’ve realised that because I don’t really like to carry much unnecessary stuff in my bag the things I carry have not really changed much since I started blogging. I could tell though that subtle differences and objects had crept their way in since I moved to London and adjusted to city life.

  • How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran – As I worship her Times columns and I’ve heard rave reviews about this book, I’ve been wanting to read it or ages and I’m looking forward to curling up with it on the train back to London on Sunday. I can usually be found reading several books at once, most of which are very large and heavy hardbacks, so I try to keep a soft back on the go for journeys too. 
  • My House Keys – As I still have not passed my driving test, since September I have never really had keys in my bag before. Now I have a door scanner, flat keys, mail box key and a handy Tesco Clubcard key fob – oh the joys of being a grown up! 
  • Additional Bag Strap – This star came with the bag, and though I don’t use it all the time I have found I always want it on me if my bag gets extra heavy or I want to free up my hands. When I am using it it makes the bag look a lot like a Mulberry Alexa. 
  • Oyster Card – I could not live without easily being able to catch the tube around London with it. I have a blue and white Back Boris card holder  – regardless of political affiliation, who does not want to see our long golden haired mayor wizzing around London rescuing old ladies on one of his bikes?
  • Hand Wipes – I used to just carry some dry tissues in my bag, but eating something with your hands after you have touched the barriers, Oyster Card top up machines and hand rails on the underground? The idea is if not at the very least a little bit sickening. 
  • iPod Touch – Without a very good book, an iPod or both I can promise you hat you will die or renewed boredom on the London Underground. I can usually be found wizzing up and down the Central line either listening to music, playing Tap Tap Lady Gaga Edition or Angry Birds. I also listen to podcasts on the train, but it is too loud to do this effectively on the underground.
  • Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent – I recently gave this highlighter pen rave reviews over on The Glossy Guide, and I now try to carry it in my bag at all times for mid day touch ups – even the tinyest bit can make the world of difference in making you appear even more fresh and awake! 
  • Moleskine Soft Cover Notebook & 2012 Diary – Last year I had larger, hard covered Moleskine books and I had not planned a change, but at The Guardian First Book Awards at the beginning of December were all given this soft covered handbag sized diary and I think was converted, getting the notebook to jot down general blog musings and ideas on the go just before Christmas.
  • L’Occitaine Hand Cream – I get really dry hands and they always need moisturising after every wash so you’ll always find a good hand cream in my bag – this is my current favourite! 
  • Clinique Superbalm Lipgloss – This is my favourite go to lipgloss as it is moisturising, looks great on its own and is perfect for tidying up messy lipstick on the go – I’ve always carried a tube in my bag ever since I discovered it! 
  • Cath Kidston Lip Salve – I am still on the hunt for the perfect lip balm to solve my perpetual dry lips problem (next on my to try list is Kiehls) but in the mean time the Cath Kidston balms are not too bad, they’re pretty, smell great and I was really happy to get them as a cute stocking filler. 
  • MAC Satin ‘Brave’ Lipstick – This is my go to lipstick shade, which I have mastered the art of putting on without a mirror and looks great with any style or occasion of an outfit – hence why I feel lost if I don’t have it with me for impromptu touch ups. 
  • Teen Vogue – Now as I spend a lot of time on trains between London and Canterbury, and on the tube I try to carry whatever handbag sized publication I can get my hands on at the station before a journey when I’ve already read the one currently in my bag. At the moment it is Teen Vogue, but other favourites include Elle UK, NYLON and Foam. 
  • Cath Kidston Wallet – I’d actually been wanting to replace this wallet with one of the same style but in black leather from Kurt Geiger as I felt like the red polka dots that I’ve had for so long don’t really suit me anymore, but now seeing how quirky and great it looks with my new bag I think I’ll be holding onto it for a little longer yet! 

Finally, the most important thing inside my bag is the absolutely beautiful print lining. Last season Hobbs wallpapered their fitting rooms with this beautiful print including illustrations of jewellery, hats, shoes, ribbons, buttons, coins and other beautifully old fashioned curiosities, and I was so excited to find that this was what the bag was lined with!

What was the last handbag you had, and what do you usually carry inside it?