Overheard At Portobello Road Market

On Saturday, because I had never been and I absolutely love Notting Hill, Sherin decided to take me to Portobello Road Market and we had fun looking at (and more importantly taking photos of!) everything that was on offer. However, what was even better than checking out the stalls, was the snippets of conversation that we caught making our way down the road. 


Doesn’t this paella look fantastic? All of the steam coming off of the pans was testament to how deathly cold it was that afternoon!


We started at the end of the road nearest Notting Hill Gate by the antiques and worked our way down.


“They were not dating in the official kind of way, but in the married engaged kind of way.” | “Do English people go to Portobello Road Market?” | “Best of the rat pack!”| “Oh, look! Whisky!” | “I’m so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard for this.”


I would love a beautifully bound Shakespeare collection like this someday. 

DSC_0498 DSC_0504 DSC_0494

DSC_0519Usually I’m not a fan of buskers, but this saxophone player had some serious skills. Also, kudos to him for being able to stand there and play in those temperatures. 


DSC_0522Have you been to Portobello Market before? Had anything delicious to eat or made any special purchases?