Celebrating Tiffany & Co.’s 175th Anniversary

Last night to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of Tiffany & Co. I attended a lovely champagne soiree in their Bond Street London flagship store to check out their new collection. Imagine being able to wander around the store and be able to try on absolutely anything you wanted – that was my Monday night!


To celebrate Tiffany & Co.’s 175th Anniversary they have unveiled Rubedo, a beautiful new metal which is beautiful, warm and rich just like rose gold. Many of their classic designs have been wrought in this metal, and it looks amazing on any skin tone. I loved how it looked against my really pale skin! (The watch is my own, from Citizen).


My favourite piece in the entire store was this beautiful starfish pendant from the Elsa Peretti collection. I love how much shorter the chain is to any other necklace I own, and how quirky yet delicate the little starfish is – I think I need it in my life!


The canopies were absolutely delicious, my favourites have to be these adorable mini beef burgers and the little squares of red berry jelly topped fois gras. 


In store for the evening they had a digital graffiti wall for us to all play around on, it was brilliant fun (even if it was actually harder to work than an actual graffiti paint can!). I decided to recreate my Tiffany key pendant I was wearing, an 18th birthday present from my parents. 


Almost every day I wear my plain silver Tiffany key pendant, so just before I left the party I could not resist the opportunity to try one one of the super sparkly versions! This is the beautiful, delicate key Blair Waldorf is famous for wearing in Gossip Girl (the episode where Serena runs off on a polo pony, Blair pairs it with a mint green summer dress and a pink hat>) 

Do you own any Tiffany jewellery? If so, what (and what do you use your little blue box for, I store all my other jewellery in mine!), and if not if you could choose one piece from the Tiffany collection, what would it be?