Places To Eat In Kent: Thai Time [Now Closed]

Moving away a bit from my usual Places To Eat In London / Places To Eat In Canterbury features, I wanted to introduce you to he most incredible restaurant in Sandwich, a little town near Canterbury and even nearer to my parents house I have been eating at for years and I am midway through reviewing for Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottage’s ‘Places To Eat’ guide: Thai Time.
Thai Time is the reason I love Thai food. It is the first place I ever tasted it, and I have been going there with my parents since I was a kid, before it was a big restaurant and it was just a little shop front a few streets away with only a couple of tables. I have eaten Thai food in many different restaurants, and while a meal in a Thai restaurant a guy took me to in Notting Hill on a date and the Pad Thai from the street stalls in Brick Lane have come pretty close, nothing has beaten Thai Time for me and I still love going back every time I go home to visit my parents. 


Yummy Thai crackers to nibble on with our Thai wine and beers while we wait for our food to arrive.


We usually order the same foods most of the time, because we just love our favourites! Something we have ordered every time without fail is the mixed starters for two. From the top, working clockwise we have sweet crispy noodles, chicken skewers with a satay dip, vegetable spring rolls with a sweet chilli dip, Paper Prawns (prawns and coriander wrapped in Thai pancakes in squares), mini Thai fishcakes and a yummy Thai style salsa. 


Just for me, as my parents don’t like them I also order a plate of Thai style mussels. I adore mussels, they are one of my all time favourite foods, and while I’m usually a fan of them French style, these are little mouthfuls of fishy, lemony goodness that I do not think I could live without! 


Onto the main course, where we each order a dish to share, a bowl of egg fried rice each, and a plate of the absolutely delicious Pad Thai with prawns (below). First up is a dish of delicious dish of mixed seafood containing fragrant chunks of salmon, prawns, squid and mussels. 

My Dad’s favourite dish which we all love, Sizzling Duck.
We all have the same desserts each time. My Dad has a pot of tea while my mother has Coconut flan served with fresh cream.

Finally, my regular dessert of banana fritters served with honey and seeds (you can also as for it to be served with cream) – delicious! 

Do any of you like Thai food? Where is your favourite place to eat it? If any of you are passing through Sandwich anytime or coming to stay with us at Pilgrims Nook I highly recommend it! (They also do take-away!)