Places To Eat In Whitstable: Williams and Brown Tapas

While I may have become pretty good at knowing the best places to eat in London, as well as finding a few hidden gems while putting together my ‘Places To Eat In London‘ feature, even though it is now part of my job to find the best places to eat in South East Kent so I can review them for guests at Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages, outside of Canterbury I had no idea of where to start finding places in the area I have lived in my entire life. I actually found out about Williams & Brown, a lovely little tapas bar in the picturesque seaside town of Whitstable from a newspaper cutting from a local paper that had been stuck into one of my office files, and Kathryn and I headed over there one night last week for some of the most delicious tapas and freshest seafood I have had in ages. 


Empty plates are a sure fire way of seeing if a meal was enjoyed or not. Kathryn suggested that I take a shot of them as I put so much effort into photographing the food, I should not be ignoring the end result! 


The calamari was delicious and perfectly cooked and served with a great aioli dip. I was happy that there was also a lot of it in a portion size as the price of calamari in a restaurant has shot up recently. It is one of my favourite pieces of seafood (second only to mussels) so I had been wondering about this, but according to a footnote on our menu this is because it has become less available so is now classified as a luxury food. 


The other smaller tapas dish we ordered was this exquisitely flavoured dish of thyme roasted cherry tomatoes on garlic toast. They were so sweet and I have not had better anywhere else outside of the Mediterranean. My only qualm about this dish is that the delicious tomato juices made the toast rather soggy. 


Finally, which we shared between the two of us (these three dishes between the two of us was more than enough food) was the seafood, chicken and chorizo paella we ordered which is also one of the best paellas I’ve had in a very long time. I am something of a mussel obsessive, and I can tell you that these were perfectly cooked, had fantastic flavour and were so fresh I bet that they were caught that morning. The squid and baby octopus too, which sometimes in paella can be rather over cooked were perfect, and I really want to go back to the restaurant to have another plate of this all to myself; if I don’t eat anything all day before I think I may be able to just about manage to keep it all to myself! 

I’m planning a picture post for the Pilgrims Nook blog to show our perspective guests around Whitstable, and I’ll be sure to share those photos with you to; it is truly a lovely little town and would make a perfect seaside day trip on the train from London. There are also a couple more restaurants we walked past that Kathryn and I want to visit, so stay tuned for more ideas of where to eat when you visit!