Welcome To Santa Monica Beach

I can’t believe I waited a whole 12 days before heading down to the ocean. To be honest, I was pretty apprehensive about taking the bus (I find it confusing enough in London, and frankly the LA bus system defies all logic. If anyone is familiar with the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, please help me!), but a whole group of us decided to head down to, in my opinion what should be the first beach any first time visitor to LA should see first, Santa Monica Beach. If you fancy making a drinking game out of this post, do a shot every time one of my photos looks at all familiar, and don’t blame me for how drunk you’ll be by the end!

No words can really describe how beautiful the beach is. The sand is hot under your toes, and you can see right around the Los Angeles coast. The sea is quite cold, but you’d want it to be – and besides, the sun dries you a few minutes after you get out so it is not the end of the world if you forget your towel.
The world famous ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier. Did you know that it is solar powered?
Muscle Beach. This one at Santa Monica is the original, but you’ll also find one at Venice Beach.
I know this is not quite the outfit post everyone has been requesting (I promise I’ll post one soon!), but a little something to show off how tanned I am – this is without any sunbathing, and I think I have not been this brown before in my entire life! Yes, it is an effort to remember to use SPF on both my face and body every day, but the LA sun is pretty wonderful! My top is from Forever 21, wine shorts from J Crew (I love them and will feature them soon!) and the sunglasses were a gift from the team at Breo.
There is also amazing shopping on 3rd Street (you know me, I just could not resist!) so I’d really recommend you take the day out, or book a hotel near here so you can enjoy the beach every afternoon after exploring the rest of LA in the morning. I think later in the week I’m going to head to Venice Beach, then Hollywood after that; I want to cover all the bases before classes start!