Visiting Lucky Scent’s Scent Bar, West Hollywood

I’d read quite a bit about Lucky Scent’s scent bar in West Hollywood, and I’d planned to stop by at some point, but as I was wandering down Beverly Boulevard on Saturday afternoon and I spied it across the street, I decided I’d be amiss if I were not to stop by, check the place out, soak up the atmosphere and find myself an ideal new scent. Perfume shopping usually intimidates me somewhat, so I was curious as to how I would find a specialist perfume experience, rather than just sniffing bottles in a department store. 


The Scent Bar stocks unique and individual fragrances from around the world. There were so many hard to find brands there, as well as so many I’ve never heard of before. I love that on their website you can buy little sample bottles, so you can have a play around with different fragrances too, if you can’t go to the store. 


Can you imagine what it would be like to work here? Such a totally awesome, beautifully aesthetic store. I have a real thing for plain white interiors at the moment, and I love the quirky details and the exposed floor. 


No self respecting fragrances would be complete without an array of Diptyque candles. I have not pictured it, but I stood there for about 5 minutes sniffing their new pine tree scented candle for Christmas like a mad woman. I’m quite tempted to treat myself to the miniature version to burn this holiday in my apartment to make up for the fact I won’t have a real tree for the very first year ever. It smells divine.


After taking these pictures, I sat myself down at the scent bar, and told one of the women working there that my favourte scents for fragrences were rose and vanilla, and she started walking around the store, pulling down bottles and handing me fragrances she thought I’d like. She was very, very good and while all the scents she handed me were lovely, she was bang on with the first one she gave me to try; Attar De Roses by Keiko Mecheri, a perfumer I’d never heard of before. It reminds me of Diptyque’s special edition rose scent from last year, but with something deeper and spicy replacing the fresh top note.