Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Wurstküche, Venice

I do rather love hotdogs, but I don’t usually like junk food. I discovered the solution to this in London when I first discovered the now famous Big Apple Hot Dogs stand in Old Street, but now I’m living in Los Angeles I’ve had to find somewhere else to get my gourmet hotdog fix. Enter Wurstküche in Venice (they also have a branch Downtown) where I was rather impressed by their hip decor, delicious dips and extensive sausage choices.
After lots of deliberation, my pick? The Duck & Bacon hotdog topped with onions and sweet peppers. It was a delicious hotdog I was really impressed with, and I would recommend to any gourmet hotdog lovers. It was sweet, rich and satisfying and I will be ordering it again. What I won’t be ordering again, however, is the double dipped Belgium Fries. I found they were a little bit too much and tasted a bit too much of frying oil for my liking; a bit of unnecessary stodge next to the delicous juicy flavours of the hotdogs. Maybe they are more suitable when you are also sampling some of the many Belgium draft beers Wurstküche has at the bar. The only problem with my not wishing to order the fries again (fyi, they are basically English chips, it is just that ‘chips’ to Americans are crisps!) is I won’t be able to order the dip I chose to go with my fries again; the pesto mayonnaise  It was simply divine, and made me question why I had never thought of that combo before. Please promise me you will try it and report back?
Finally, I want to leave you with the sausage in the bottom left hand corner of the cabinate that has had rave reviews and I wish I have been brave enough to try. I have no issues with eating rabbit at all, the rattlesnake? I’m totally up for trying new things, but I just could not get over the ‘fuck that’ voice in my head. I think rattlesnake sausages are the sort of thing you have to be fed and enjoy before you are told what was in them. I think this is why I like donkey sausages and salamis; the first time I ate a donkey sausage I did not know what was in it!

Angelenos, have you tried a Wurstküche hotdog yet? As for my readers in other cities, do you have a favourite gourmet hotdog stand or spot, or do you have any other London recommendations for me aside from Big Apple?