Student Suppers: Easy Lunchtime Peas On Toast

Today I have a recipe for you for something that is green, on toast, and has been nowhere near an avocado. Honestly, after the amount of recipes for Avocado Toast on the internet recently I’ll honestly be surprised if this post does not crash the internet or something. (Okay, a massive exaggeration, but you get my point!) This Peas On Toast recipe has been actually sitting in the ‘Recipes Ideas’ note on my iPhone for the best part of 6 months, and it is a delicious and very Spring-like mash up of a recipe I made when I was in the kitchen with chef Rachel Green last year, and my all time favourite recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty: his marinated mozzarella.



The recipe for this is pretty simple. You just bash everything up using a pestle and mortar and pile it high on some fresh, chunky toast. You can also switch out the mozzarella for feta; it all depends on either a) your personal taste and b) what you happen to have in your fridge if you’ve forgotten to go food shopping. On that note, shall I tell you the most amazing thing about its lunch, and it is not that it is simple? These are frozen petits pois. We always keep them in your freezer, and you can either defrost them by leaving them out for an hour or two, or by pouring a bottle full of boiling water over them, then pouring them out into a sieve and running them under cold water. What I’m really saying is, this is the ultimate lazy food that is healthy also.


For the ingredients list and method, head over and find my recipe at Great British Chefs. If you’re also looking for a few bright and easy lunch ideas this week, you can’t go wrong with my Green Eggs and Ham, my Asian Butter Bean Salad or my Easy Lunchtime Bruchetta.