Recipe: Eton Mess Ice Cream

As it is quite literally the end of Summer, I feel that I owe you all an apology. You see, I’ve been meaning to share this ice cream recipe I thought up with you since the very beginning of Summer, and I’ve been a bit useless. However, I have decided that making Eton Mess Ice Cream is the very best way to store a little bit of Summertime in your freezer, so we can claw it back a little on those September days that are still full of sunshine. Or you could just make it this weekend. It is the best ice cream recipe I’ve invented since my Mint Aero Ice Cream, if I may say so myself. I’m very, very proud of it because it tastes just like the classic dessert, only better because you get to enjoy Eton Mess, and a big bowl or cone of ice cream at the same time.

Eton Mess Ice Cream
How To Make Eton Mess Ice Cream
Macerated Strawberries
For some reason, the most exciting part of this whole producing a tub of ice cream process is macerating the strawberries. Not only is macerating an awesome word, but they go all nice and syrupy so that when they freeze, they turn into the most wonderful strawberry nuggets in the ice cream. Also, the leftover syrup makes a fantastic cocktail. Muddle it up with some fresh mint or basil and serve it over ice with a good shot of white rum and gin. Top up with soda water and you’re good to go! Stripy paper straw optional, but recommended.
Vanilla Ice Cream Base
The ice cream base I use here is actually the same base that came with our ice cream maker (we use the fancy countertop Cuisnart one) in the booklet and is out family’s favourite vanilla ice cream, just add the sugar from the strawberry syrup at the same time as the rest of the sugar instead. Bizarrely, we like this all in one method better than when we make a custard base, which in theory should be better.
Mini Meringues
The meringue you use to make this ice cream is important. Usually I’m an advocate of all things homemade, but the meringue you buy at the supermarket is much stronger, and much more stable than the meringue you make yourself at home. I’ve had all sorts of disasters using homemade meringue in homemade desserts; it is just not worth it. This takes about a tub of mini meringues, leaving two or three for you to snack on while churning.
Adding Strawberries to Ice Cream Maker
Summertime Eton Mess Ice Cream
For the recipe, head over to Great British Chefs. If you’re after any more ice cream type things from me, here is another link to my Mint Aero Ice Cream, and you can also click through to find my Easy 3 Ingredient Blueberry Frozen Yogurt. Now, while I always try to cook light and bright food so lots of my upcoming recipes will be Summer suitable, I’m now going to sign off on Summer recipes proper for this year. There is a pumpkin already ready in the vegetable plot that has my name written all over it I have been plotting recipes with for weeks. That is a pumpkin I can lift, that is. We have an epic one down there almost as big as me I can’t wait to show you, though I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to lift it once it is ready!