10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following

While we all know that my favourite social media platform is Pinterest, my love for pinning all things pretty is only marginally greater than my ever growing love for Instagram. I think before Instagram was a platform where the sorts of people I wanted to follow online (other than my friends, other bloggers) posted snapshots of their day to day in order to promote their own websites. However, I love that Instagram has now become a place people put as much thought into original and engaging content for. So, I thought it would be a good time to share with you 10 of my favourite accounts; a mix of snapshots from people who create pretty pictures elsewhere online, and a few Instagrams that are fantastic stand alone sites in their own right.
symmetrybreakfast on Instagram

Symmetry Breakfast

Probably one of the more famous foodie accounts out there, I still can’t help but love the shots served up by Symmetry Breakfast, a couple who make identical (and mouthwatering) breakfasts in Hackney, before gramming them in a symmetrical fashion. Since they’ve got larger (over 432k followers to date) they’ve also done some pretty good partnerships, so this account also doubles as a great place to see the best new cookbooks (hello Christmas wish list) and crockery on the market in action, too.
sophthomptlt on Instagtam

Sophie Thompson

While I follow a fair few Aussie girls on Instagram for a feed full of their stunning beaches and enviable eateries (Megan’s feed is another favourite), photographer Sophie Thompson’s feed is by far my favourite, and has my mind 100% made up that the next time I want to hop on a long haul flight to somewhere with beaches that is not Los Angeles, Australia will be my destination. Bondi beach to be specific. Sophie also runs the food website What To Cook Tonight with her father, so for more of their delicious recipes, her stunning food photography and snapshots of the Aussie foodie scene you should also follow whatocook, too.
sorellamuse on Instagram

Nicole Anderson

Even if you don’t quite realise it, you’re all at least a little bit familiar of the simply magical photos taken by wedding photographer and my West Coast bff Nicole Anderson, as she took the portrait of me that lives in my sidebar. Either if you follow her at nicolagranola for dreamy travel photos across America and the East, as well as a healthy dose of California living, or her wedding photography account sorellamuse for little details of peoples special days, be prepared for some serious wanderlust.
nadia.yates on Instagram

Nadia Yates

Nadia’s feed of well through out food photos is one I love to follow, because not only does she shoot in a similar style to me (making it all feel much more accessible), but she hits up the same sort of London/ East Kent radius as well, making her feed also a great place to discover new and delicious places to eat around here. There are also lots of pictures of doughnuts in her feed, which is never a bad thing.
Kiel James Patrick on Instagram

Sarah Vickers & Kiel James Patrick

Sarah and Kiel, along with their group of friends and co-workers at the Kiel James Patrick factory (I’ve wanted one of their blue rope anchor bracelets forever) give me serious life and clothing envy. Not only are their photos beautifully taken and staged, but they have such a strong and recognisable aesthetic you know where the photos of their life have come from in an instant in your feed without having to look. I also like that Sarah’s personal style is a lot like my own, some of my favourite J.Crew and Brooks Brothers (they introduced me to the store) purchases have come after I’ve seen Sarah or one of their team wear something.
abbotkinneyvenice on Instagram

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, Los Angeles (aka my favourite road for eating, shopping and just hanging out in the world) has its own Instagram feed. While following this feed is slightly personal for me as it reminds me of my other life I slip back into for a month or so every couple of years when I get the chance to fly out (I can personally testify to the deliciousness of all of the restaurants pictured above – those clucks waffles at The Tasting Kitchen, my favourite place to eat brunch in the world) are one of the best plates of food I’ve ever had), I think everyone should follow for food inspiration and a healthy dose of Southern California dreaming. And it will help you plan your next holiday!
brightbazaar on Instagram

Bright Bazaar

British (now living state side) Interiors blogger and author Will Taylor (as well as being fabulous in person) is one of my favourite Instagram follows because he always manages to find the bright and colourful in absolutely any situation, be he in London, Los Angeles or somewhere else on the planet I have yet to fall in love with. And yes, it does not hurt in the slightest that he spends a lot of time at my favourite L.A. haunts, too.
kisforkani on Instagram

K is for Kani

I think Connie’s blog was one of the first few outfit blogs I started to read way back when, and while I don’t read that many fashion blogs anymore, I still love to follow here simply stunning, detailed and colour saturated feed full of both travel snaps, life at home in Australia (you guessed it!), and mouthwatering plates of sushi. I wish I could photograph sushi to look that good, I think I’d have far more followers if I could!
frenchwords on Instagram

French Words

The idea behind the French Words feed is pretty simple; every new post is a new French word to learn, and as well as some of the translations making me smile while I wait on the platform at St. Pancras for my train, or in the queue to pay at the supermarket, I’ve actually been expanding my French vocabulary by following this feed too. How many other Instagram accounts can you say that for?
venice_sunsets on Instagram

Venice Sunsets

Heading back to Venice Beach for my final pick, anyone wherever you are needs to follow this beautiful feed of the simply beautiful sunsets on Venice Beach. While I never quite managed to take a shot that made it onto the feed, it is still one of my favourites and provides the perfect escape from a rainy English afternoon when I’m no longer just able to walk a few blocks before I hit the sand.

Remember, if you feel you need to be following a feed full of snapshots from long walks in the Kentish countryside, overhead table shots of London restaurants and whatever mad thing has come out of my kitchen that week, you can follow me on Instagram as missrachelphipps. Also, be sure to leave your Instagram picks in the comments, because I’m always on the lookout for new, delicious and colourful accounts to follow!