That’s Amore! Pizza Co. at the Canterbury Festival

In London, when it comes to street food you have several options when it comes to good, traditional Neapolitan pizza cooked to order with a crisp sourdough base and pitch perfect toppings are two a penny (Fundi Pizza, Born and Raised, and Pizza Pilgrims are my personal picks), but down here in Kent there is only one gold standard: That’s Amore! Pizza Co. Lucy’s delicious pizzas have been on my radar for a while (as well as her fantastic Instagram feed and brilliant blog Baking You Better), so I caught up with her last month at the Canterbury Festival so I could clue you all in on my favourite place to get pizza in these parts.
That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
Lucy from That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
That's Amore Pizza Co. Menu | @rachelphipps
That's Amore Pizza Co. Takeaway Boxes | @rachelphipps
Preparing Pizza at That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
Shaping Pizza Dough at That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
Preparing Classic Neapolitan Pizza at That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
That's Amore Pizza Co.'s Pizza Oven | @rachelphipps

Keep an eye on the That’s Amore! Pizza Co. Facebook page for where they’re going to be popping up next, and you can also hire Lucy and her pizza oven out for weddings and parties. Then all you have to do is place your order, and watch Lucy shape some of her delicious sourdough pizza dough into a base, cover it with the toppings of your choice, and blast it in her portable wood pizza oven to be ready for you to eat (or take away in one of their cute pizza boxes adorned with a moustache – while they’re best fresh, they do also re-heat rather well!) within moments. Even Antonio Carluccio went back for seconds when he visited.

Classic Neopolitan Pizza from That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
Rocket Topped Pizza at That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
Classic Neapolitan Pizza with Porcini Truffle Oil from That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps

I went for a classic Neapolitan, topped off when it came out of the oven with fresh rocket, prosciutto and a generous drizzle of truffle and porcini oil. This is a combination I would 100% recommend when you catch up with her, but I’ve also had a plain classic before, and her meaty ones do look rather wonderful.

To Order Pizza from That's Amore Pizza Co. | @rachelphipps
That's Amore Pizza Co. at the Canterbury Festival | @rachelphipps
Baked Goods from Baking You Better at That's Amore Pizza Co.| @rachelphipps

If you’re lucky, Lucy will also have brought along some bakes from her blog. The idea is for feel good baking to help you battle anxiety and depression, and I have her recipes for Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Toasted Marshmallow ‘Bonfire’ Cupcakes, Homemade Alphabetti Spaghetti and her Chicken, Chorizo & Roasted Vegetable Bake bookmarked. Seriously, head over to Baking You Better to check it out, especially if you don’t live here in Kent so you won’t get a chance to try one of her pizzas any time soon!