Places To Eat In London: Haché x Holborn Pop-Up

Before Tuesday, I had not had a really, really great burger in ages. Before catching an evening performance of This House at the Garrick Theatre (if you’re at all into post-1945 modern British political theatre (it was my dissertation topic, actually) or current affairs, try to get tickets because it was a fantastic performance) – with a detour to see the twinkly Christmas lights at the Rosewood opposite – we headed down into the basement on High Holborn to a little know, hidden burger pop up you need to check out this Christmas: Haché x Holborn. 

Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps
Haché x Holborn Pop-Up | @rachelphipps
Condiments at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps
Lager at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps

I’ll be honest, the interior is not up to much, and I think the atmosphere would be better suited to a season that is not Christmas where everything seems so much more festive at street level, but at that point were were both just happy to settle down with glasses of the small menu’s only beer (there were also only a couple of wines to choose from, or prosecco), a light, refreshing French-style lager which went down very nicely. 

Classic Burger at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps
Cheese & Bacon Burger at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps

And then we got on to the burgers, which is the reason you need to head on over. I had the classic beef burger (the only burger on the menu, including the chicken and veggie options that came without cheese), and he had the cheese and bacon. Both were encased inside perfect brioche burger buns (no, really, it was not dry at all, yet I did not get a single drip or any falling apart soggy bread from my burger. Even Byron can’t manage that!), the meat was perfectly cooked how we like it (on the rare side of medium rare), and came with just the right amount of mayo/ tomato/ rocket/ fillings. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had a burger this good on this side of the Atlantic. Go for the burgers. Seriously, I mean it. 

Fries at Haché x Holborn | @rachephipps

The fries were good (nothing to jump up and down about (but what fries are these days without the addition of truffle?), but still good, solid fries), though the chipolte mayo I ordered to dip them in was rather dissapointing; you’d be better off with the ketchup and mustard on the table. 

Prosecco at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps
Mars Bar Cheesecake an Creme Fraiche at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps
Mars Bar Cheesecake at Haché x Holborn | @rachelphipps

I’m one of those people who can’t square drinking lager with dessert (though a good, dark IPA is totally okay with something chocolaty) so I ordered a glass of prosecco. Prosecco is prosecco (well, it is to me, please if you’re Italian and reading this don’t kill and/ or troll me!) but it was made so much nicer being served out of proper glassware. We ordered a piece of the only dessert on the menu to share, the Mars Bar cheesecake that came with a dollop of creme fraiche. It tasted like a Mars Bar while still being a cheesecake, but I was underwhelmed. However, it could have been me, because I did not enjoy the last slice of cheesecake I ordered either. Perhaps I’m just going off cheesecake?

Anyway, what you need to know is that the Haché x Holborn Pop-Up is located in the basement of Haché at 95-97 High Holborn (just around the corner from Holborn tube and just across the road from The Rosewood Hotel), and it runs until December 23rd. Grab a friend, and go for the burgers!