Weekly Love: Week 190

I have a new TV show and podcast obsession for those of you into political dramas. First up, download The West Wing Weekly. The presenters include Joshua Malina, who plays Will Bailey on The West Wing, and David Rosen on Scandal run through every episode of The West Wing (basically the most iconic political drama ever made (I have the box set, a binge watching (every few years!) investment you won’t regret) with analysis and interviews with the writers and actors. It’s engaging, fascinating, and teaches you a lot if you’re at all into television, acting, politics or creative writing. Then watch Designated Survivor. Unfortunately, it’s US only at the moment (there is a reason I kept my streaming subscriptions!), but it is frankly brilliant, is obviously inspired by The West Wing and basically follows the aftermath of the Capitol being blowing up during the State of the Union, killing everyone, and the designated survivor (explained here) becoming President.

Weekly Love 27.01.17[1]

1. Cozying up in front of the fire with a bottle of Merlot and a bowl of my favourite Sausage Bolognese. It’s so cold that I’m in front of it, under a blanket as I type, actually! #ad | 2. Enjoying a lovely bright and spicy plate of Sweet Potato Rosti with Roast Curried Sprouts and Red Onion, topped with a perfectly runny poached egg, from Riverford’s new Vegetarian Quick meal box they were kind enough to send me to trial. God those sprouts were good (!) | 3. Fighting a winter cold with Kimchee Fried Rice and Korean Fried Chicken at Kyoto in Canterbury. | 4. Filling the house with pink roses, mainlining sweet rhubarb tea, and learning all about FODMAPS with Emma Hatcher’s The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen. I don’t believe in restrictive diets without a medical diagnosis, but as I live with someone who has been recommended a low FODMAP diet, I’m excited to try some recipes we can all enjoy together. | 5. Another delicious dish from Riverford’s new Vegetarian Quick meal box: Lentil, Butter Bean & Kale Stew with Pumpkin Seed Pesto. | 6. More pretty doorways running errands in Deal.

Weekly Love 27.01.17[2]
7. Planning February on the blog. #ad | 8. Lunching on Trealy Farm Monmouthshire Spiced Air-Dried Beef with tomatoes and fresh sourdough from my Gourmet Meat Club delivery – I’ll be reviewing the whole service on the blog next month. | 9. Misty January mornings at Simpson’s Wine Estate, another exciting new Kentish vineyard just outside Canterbury. | 10. Playing with spices putting together my spice collection guide. | 11. Unpacking my Riverford Vegetarian Quick box – out of all the recipe boxes I’ve reviewed so far, Riverford always have the best quality ingredients wonderfully packed.  | 12. Clearing out cupboards as we’re moving house, and finding my childhood sketch books. I’d almost forgotten I used to draw before I got into photography!

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