Video: Roasted Summer Vegetable Pasta

Something a bit different for you all today: I’ve got some cooking videos to share! I thought it was about time I posted some more video content (I’m always being asked for it, and it’s only been 4 years since my last recipe video!) so I thought I’d post my favourite of a series of videos I filmed for The Student Room from my book Student Eats. We filmed them in the very old, very cramped, 80’s galley kitchen at my parents new house which I think by the time you’re seeing these will be half ripped out ready for our redesign. This pasta is the first thing I make myself whenever I move into a new flat, and if anything it is even better cold the next day.
Roasted Summer Vegetable Pasta from Student Eats | @rachelphipps

One of the things people don’t believe when I tell them is that I wrote Student Eats almost two years ago. I wrote this book when I was 22, photographed it when I was 23, and I had to wait until I was 24 for it to be published. I’m telling you this because aubergine would also be awesome here. You know those foods that you think you don’t like because you’ve just never tried them? I waited 23 years of my life to actually try an aubergine, and that is why it is not included in my original recipe. The measurements in the video yields two portions, but I’ve found you can double it to serve about 4 people using your biggest roasting dish and your biggest saucepan for the pasta – any more and it won’t fit in a domestic oven.

Be sure to head over to The Student Room’s Youtube channel to check our my recipe for an Israeli Chopped Mixed Bean Salad (great as a side, part of a spread or as a quick and filling lunch), or for one of my absolute favourites from the book, my Pea, Prawn & Mushroom Egg Fried Rice (I could literally eat this all day!)