Places To Eat In Manchester: Evelyn’s

Brunch at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps

For our second breakfast (well brunch, they were serving the lunch menu too by the time we got there!) in Manchester (have you seen my review of Federal Bar & Cafe yet?) we headed to somewhere else that was already on my ‘to visit’ list from recommendations, then came recommended to me again once people found out I was in Manchester: Evelyn’s. Owned by the team behind Queenswood, Damson & Co. and Mughli in London, it was by far our favourite meal in the city, and if you’re just passing through and you want to eat one meal out in Manchester, this is where you need to go (and they take reservations!)
Hanging Plants at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Salt & Pepper Grinders at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Interiors at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Infused Water at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Berry Smoothie at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Sichuan Pepper Cappuccino at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps

Evelyn’s is a really beautiful spot, and I loved all the little thoughts and details that had gone into the interiors, right down to the copper salt and pepper grinders on each table. We started off for some cucumber and mint infused water for the table (on the house), a black pepper cappuccino (which was apparently the best one had on our trip) and a fantastic berry smoothie, packed with fruits and coconut (included a sprinkling on top) which I slurped up in no time – get the smoothies here, they truly are wonderful!
Green Brunch Bowl at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Green Bowl at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps

I actually got rather unwell while we were in Manchester (not sure if I picked up a bug or I had a touch of food poisoning – let us just say that there are some places we ate in the city that I won’t be mentioning here!) so their green bowl sounds perfect for me – so nourishing, the sort of thing I like to eat anyway, and full of all the greens, vitamins and minerals I was really lacking by that point! Packed with red lentils, beans, sprouts, avocado, baby spinach, pak choi and doused in a zippy dressing I really, really enjoyed this. It was delicious, more-ish and filling, I would 100% order it again. Literally my only qualm was that while the bowl it was served in was beautiful, it made it very difficult to eat!
Ceviche with Avocado at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps

Feeling a lot better at this point (and on a so far unsuccessful mission to get him to try raw fish) I ordered the white fish ceviche with yuzu, lemongrass, shallots and avocado, which was also fantastic. I think they’d used mackerel that day; you really got the fresh, clean flavour from the fish as well as its brighter accompaniments. While I ended up (happily) eating the whole thing myself (though, leaving the avocado because one and a half avocados just for me is a bit much!) do order this if you’ve never had ceviche before, as it was clean, delicate, and a great intro to all things citrus marinated seafood.
Confit Duck Hash at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps
Potato Hash with Confit Duck, Fried Egg, Spinach & Tomato Relish at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps

I was quite jealous of his breakfast, as it is what I would have ordered if I had been feeling up to it: the potato hash, served with a fried egg (just look at that glorious orange yolk) spinach, a rich and slightly spicy tomato chutney, buttered sourdough toast, shredded duck confit and a good sprinkling of chives. It looked amazing, smelt amazing, I did not get much conversation while it was being consumed, and the bite I did try was delicious, packed with flavour and not oily (as you do get from some potato hash and confit duck) at all. An all round winner, I’d say, especially as it is served every day from opening until 5pm!

Evelyn’s was hands down the best meal we had in Manchester (though I have to give a special shout out to Ginger’s Comfort Emporium around the corner where I had the most amazing scoop of damson ice cream) and it is where anyone visiting the city should go. It has a lovely atmosphere, and they’re working on opening a bar in their basement.