Bespoke Wine Delivered To Your Door from Clara Wine

Wine Subscription from Clara Wine

While I am, trying to cut down so I’m only drinking when I’m celebrating, entertaining, out to dinner or at the weekend, there can be no doubt how much I love a good glass of wine. I’m not picky; sparkling, red, white, pink, or orange, depending on my mood I love it all. However, while I know a fair bit about wine (and will probably know even more once I’ve made it through The Wine Dictionary) I don’t always celebrate the bottles I drink at home; usually it is one of our family favourites from the French supermarket, or whatever is on offer in Waitrose. So, when Clara Wine, a new monthly subscription wine service got in touch to see if I wanted to try their unique, bespoke delivery service, I thought I’d allow them to put a bit more thought into my choices!
Cava from Clara Wines

So, what makes Clara any different from any other wine subscription service out there? When you sign up to Clara, you’re asked to take a short quiz (food and drink likes and dislikes, mostly) to identify your ‘wine tribe’. Then, you selection gets sent to you depending on how you were sorted. I must say for me the selection was perfect, all the sort of wines I really enjoy and need more of in my wrack.

The one downside is the tasting profile was suited to me; I buy red as a default, but I actually love trying new white and sparkling varieties. However, I shared (most!) of these bottles with my boyfriend, who is a big red wine drinker. This subscription is something to treat yourself to, unless you’re both into the same sort of things. However, you can choose just to receive a red box, a white box or a mixed box, but without taking advantage of the tailoring where would the fun be in that?
Clara Wine Subscription
Tasting Notes from Clara Wine

So what were the wines actually like? Except for a bottle of white that came in our second delivery which I really did not enjoy (but saved for cooking), all of the wines were of lovely quality (better than I usually buy!) and I enjoyed them immensely. The tasting notes were not over the top, but just enough to decide which bottles to serve with which meal. As for value for money, Clara is good if you buy okay wine. At £48 a month including delivery (which is super efficient and friendly, by the way) you’re getting your wine at £12 a bottle; so you’re looking at supermarket prices for what is usually better quality, and curated wines.
Cava from Clara Wine

A bit thank you to Clara Wine for gifting me a three month subscription – I can’t wait for my final delivery to arrive, especially as whites are better suited to summer eating! Click through to find out more about Clara Wine Tribes and to set up your subscription (or send one as a gift!) Also, be sure to catch up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

P.S. I usually get questions both on the blog and on Instagram about the bits and pieces I use in my posts so here goes: my ‘Spring’ scented votive candle is from The White Company, my champagne saucers (only £1.50 each!) and rug (only £49!) are both from Ikea, and my colour dipped plates are Royal Doulton 1815. I’m obsessed with this collection, which as well as in John Lewis you can also pick up in Dunelm if you’re lucky. And yes, that is a Donald Trump rubber duck on the mantle piece next to the Ikea brass candelabra (only £12! In case you’ve not realised, my new discovery of Ikea has really excited me!)