Weekly Meal Plan #15: Street Food

I live in London. I spend some time bouncing around rural Kent and even more rural France, but on the whole, I have access to some of the best restaurants and street food in the world on a daily basis. However, my utter addiction to niche website analytics tells me that only 15% of you are with me. So, this weeks Weekly Meal Plan is for the 85%: five, easy weeknight recipes inspired by street food favourites I’ve enjoyed at festivals in London and Los Angeles (and for you Londoners, they’re much easier, much cheaper – I swear things are getting more expensive – and usually healthier to put together too than their on the street food counterparts!)
Weekly Meal Plan Street Food
Indian Spiced Potato Wraps with Easy Raita & Spicy Slaw #indian #potato #wraps #streetfood #raita #meatfreemonday #vegetarian

Monday: Indian Spiced Potato Wraps with Easy Raita & Spicy Slaw

A Weekly Meal Plan favourite, my Indian Spiced Potato Wraps were originally inspired by Rola Wala, a fantastic Indian street food wrap vendor in London and Leeds. They’re a great Meat Free Monday option that won’t leave meat eaters looking for more, and you can make them as homemade or store brought as you want playing around with the flatbread, spicy slaw and raita. Also to cut down on the fuss at the beginning of the week you can bring all the elements to the table and let people build their own.
Shredded Barbecue Duck Rolls with Red Slaw #streetfood #duck #barbecue #slaw #dinner #weeknight

Tuesday: Shredded Barbecue Duck Rolls with Red Slaw

Another weeknight wonder made as easy or as difficult as you want with store brought items. At it’s simplest, for an outdoor-style meal without the need to fire up the barbecue roast a couple of duck legs, shred the meat off the bone and stir in some of your favourite barbecue sauce – I swear by Red’s True Barbecue Kansas City – stuff the meat into a couple of fluffy rolls with some slaw, and serve with a handful of air fries. Simple!
Vietnamese Steak Salad Summer Rolls #summerrolls #vietnamese #steak #steaksalad #streetfood

Wednesday: Vietnamese Steak Salad Summer Rolls

We’re getting the sort of weather this summer where cold suppers are totally welcome. To that end, can I recommend my hand held version of a Vietnamese Steak Salad, perfect to eat out on the patio: the Vietnamese Steak Salad Summer Roll? Summer Rolls are a favourite of mine whenever I eat Vietnamese street food and I’m not in the mood for a massive banh mi, and these totally eliminate that problem with steak noodle salads where it is almost impossible to evenly distribute the meat and aromatics among the noodles.
Classic & Easy Summer Mini Crayfish Rolls #streetfood #seafood #crayfish #lobsterroll

Thursday: Classic & Easy Summer Mini Crayfish Rolls

These crayfish rolls were what I made in response to the fact that while the lobster rolls sold as street food are fantastic, because of the lobster (which is found on English shores but still with steep price tags) they’re so damn expensive. Here I’ve used English crayfish which I think have a sweeter, brighter flavour. Go proper, all out American by serving a handful of plain or slightly salted crisps (potato chips!) on the side of each plate. If you’re pretending it is already Friday pair with a nice cold, crisp glass of white wine like a sauvignon blanc.
Vietnamese-style Banh Mi Street Fries #vietnamese #fries #banhmi #streetfood

Friday: Vietnamese-style Banh Mi Street Fries

Celebrate the end of the week with some loaded street fries. You can set the pork belly to marinate on Wednesday when you have all of your Vietnamese ingredients out for the summer rolls, and use up any leftover aromatics on top. These are also great to use up the ends of any summer pickle jars you’ve got open in the fridge (my fridge seems to have been colonised at the moment and is almost 50% jars of things!) – and don’t forget a generous amount of sriracha hot sauce and Kewpie Japanese mayo on top!

A few more recipe ideas for the weekend. It is hot. I know I’ve suggested some dishes here that involve a little cooking, but here are some dishes that don’t involve turning the oven on at all, or lighting the barbecue: Mexican Prawn Cocktails, Cucumber & Jalapeno Margaritas, Late Summer Soft Cheeseboard, Cheats Pina ColadaFruit Salad with Rose Syrup, Greek Yogurt & Pistachios, Cucumber, Chilli & Poppy Seed SaladRadish, Caper & Semi-dried Tomato SaladEasy Bruschetta Salsa with Tortilla Chips, Greek Salad Lentil Bowl, Honey, Walnut & Amaretti Ice Cream Terrine, Vegan Loaded Nachos, Classic French 75, The Only Tomato Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Need, Elderflower Mules, Easy Black Bean & Sunflower Seed Dip, Watermelon & Mozzarella Salad with Mint and Pine Nuts, Gin & Watermelon Juice with Fresh BasilHow To Make Your Own Labneh with Olive Oil & Za’atar, Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Ice CreamSmoked Salmon Tartine with Red Onion & Avocado.