Places To Eat In London: Red Dog Saloon, Soho

The RD Plate at Red Dog Saloon, Soho
Red Dog Saloon, Soho
House Sauces at Red Dog Saloon, Soho

Sometimes on a Friday night after a long week what I need is some good barbecue. There are a few really great barbecue places in Central London so at busy times they’re pretty much always booked out way in advance. So, today I want to introduce you to a great central London spot (on Wardour Street no less, though they also have them in Hoxton, Clapham, Nottingham, Southampton and Liverpool) that I was invited to review a few weeks ago and that really ought to be on your radar for their ribs alone: Austin-style barbecue joint Red Dog Saloon.

Hickory Smoke Brisket Croquettes at Red Dog Saloon, Soho
Royal Flush Cocktail at Red Dog Saloon, Soho
Beers at Red Dog Saloon, Soho

We kicked off with some cocktails and beer (I’d stay stick to beer here, such a great pairing with all the meet, and the cocktails are a little sweet) and some hickery smoked brisket croquettes. They were okay, with a slightly oily garlic cream dip. I was worried that we’d walked into one of those so-so dinners, but then the main event arrived and we really started enjoying ourselves and getting our hands dirty with our platter!

Wings, Ribs and Brisket at Red Dog Saloon, Soho Barbecue Wings and Pickles at Red Dog Saloon, Soho

We went for the RD Platter, where you can choose one wing flavour (barbecue or buffalo), two meats (we went for the beef brisket and St. Louis pork ribs) which came with 2 sides and a few pickles (nothing to write home about) for £22.50 (such amazing value) and added a smoked sausage.

Naturally, we ranked out meats in order: the king of the plate were the ribs. Big, chunky and tender, the meat (and there was a generous amount of it on each rib, a pet peeve of mine when barbecue places use puny ones) fell off the bone and was beautifully, mouthwateringly smokey. I’m telling you to visit Red Dog for these ribs alone.

Next, they make some bloody good wings here too. Perfectly crispy and tender, and coated with sticky sauce these are some of the best wings I’ve had in London in ages, and worth ordering on the side even if you’re hell bent on some traditional barbecue. We ordered the barbecue wings as neither of us are big fans of buffalo sauce, but trying it from the bottle of the table this buffalo sauce is delicious with just enough tang, so either set of wings would be a winner!

I was not as big a fan of the brisket (a bit fatty) but it had a good flavour and you get a really generous amount, but the sausage is worth getting as an add on, smokey and really juicy!

Pit Beans at Red Dog Saloon, Soho
Fries at Red Dog Saloon, Soho

The pit beans were tasty but did not really taste like what you’d expect from pit beans (too much bay) but the fries were perfectly nice and crispy, something to balance out all that smokey, saucy meat!

Mezcal Margaritas at Red Dog Saloon, Soho
Sweet Iced Tea at Red Dog Saloon, Soho

While we looked at the menu we were too stuffed for dessert, but stayed for a few more drinks – if you’re looking to go non-boozy their sweet tea (listed on the menu as iced tea) is bloody fantastic, just as it should be! Go share some ribs, wings and fries, order some unlimited refills of iced tea and a few beers and you’ve got the perfect Friday night. Find your nearest location on their website.