Places To Eat In Kent: Luben’s Pizza, Folkestone

Margarita Pizza at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone

Nothing excites me more than finding somewhere new and fantastic to eat in Kent. While I still spend most of my time in Canterbury, since my parents moved from my childhood home we’re much closer to Folkestone than we used to be, and I figured that I ought to go exploring, as there had to be more to food in the town than Rocksalt and seafood on the Harbour Arm. I’m glad I did because it meant I stumbled upon Luben, and their fantastic, authentic wood fired pizzas and their frankly wonderful garlic dipping sauce – move over Dominos!

Luben's Pizza, Folkestone Lunch at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone
Infused Oils at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone
Bar Seating at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone
Menu at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone Window Seating at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone Dough Ball Sharer at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone

With a couple of glasses of house red (we had the Italian and the Chilean, both totally serviceable – you get what you pay for) we started with the dough ball sharer, not something to miss out on! Crispy, warm, doughy pillows of dough, with butter, a loose but vibrant homemade pesto, and a frankly brilliant garlic cream dip for dunking – keeping these on the table to dip your pizza crusts is a must (though you can also order them separately!)

Pepper & Courgette Pizza at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone
Red Wine at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone
Margarita Pizza at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone Salami Special at Luben's Pizza, Folkestone

We all went Neapolitan with our crusts: a classic margarita for my Mum, courgette and grilled peppers for me, and the daily special of Kentish salami and onions (a total steal at £6) for my Dad. The dough was crisp, bubbly and doughy, the sauce perfectly balanced, and in case some of London’s top, much pricier pizzerias are listening, the cheese and toppings actually stayed on our slices rather than sliding off into a messy puddle on the plate! Honestly, we were all very, very impressed and we will be coming back, lucky to find a great place locally for either a casual bite or a takeaway! If you’re local, or you’re down on the train for the day exploring the coast, do check them out!