Recipe: Avocado White Bean Salad

Avocado White Bean Salad

My Mum is the queen of the bean salad. There is this vinaigrette-tossed one she used to make as part of party spreads that I loved, and a classic lunch for her (or for both of us when I’m home) is a simple bean salad made from whatever we happen to have in the fridge. However, the problem is with family recipes, methods and cooking styles is that it is really hard to make something your own. It just never comes out tasting as good.

My answer to creating my own go-to bean salad is to use a hero ingredient that is not part of my mothers repertoire: ripe, creamy slices of avocado. Combined with lightly dressed beans, red onion, cherry tomatoes and lots of fresh basil, this is my favourite light lunch to enjoy at my desk during the warmer months, when all I want is light, bright and fresh flavours.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.