Discovering A Brand New Gin & Tonic with the Craft Gin Club

The Perfect G&T with Craft Gin Club

I think I rarely buy the same gin twice. I love finding new flavours (and new tonics to pair with them). Recently, the guys at Craft Gin Club were kind enough to send me over one of their subscription boxes to trial. The concept is simple: for £40 a month, every two months or every three months you’ll get a parcel delivered to your door including a full sized bottle from a small, independent craft gin brand, a selection of mixers, a few nibbles to pair with your gin, and a magazine all about what you’ve been sent, including a few cocktail recipes to make with your new bottle of gin, and any extra ingredients, syrups etc. to mix up those drinks. It’s an adventure!

Craft Gin Club Delivery

It seems like you get a lot in the box that does not quite make sense when it all arrives, but once you’ve gone through the cocktail recipes in the magazine, what they’re really doing is helping you get the most out of your bottle of the good stuff. I liked a few of the ideas more than others. Finding new crisps to go with my aperitif is always a good thing but I don’t think I’ll ever get on board with having chocolate with my evening G&T. The cocktail was good, and if I ignore the dried cucumber slices that tasted like cardboard and were utterly heinous, the bottle of Nelson’s Gluggle Jug Gin – I’d never heard of it before – served with Folkington’s English Garden Tonic Water – something I need to buy more of this summer – was one of the best G&T’s I have had this year so far. Light, refreshing, and very, very English. One to sip in the garden.

Craft Gin Club G&T
Gluggle Jog Gin from Craft Gin Club

And what about value? For your £40 you get a lot of full-sized for your buck. The bottle is an exclusive so you can’t get it unless you had the Craft Gin Club delivery just yet, but Nelson’s Gins start at £40 a bottle, so everything else in the club box is just a bonus. A great gift for yourself or a gin loving friend if you always want to try something new – you can get your delivery monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – just head over to their website. Also, don’t forget to use the code SUMMER30 for a cheeky 30% off!