Student Suppers: Sweet Chilli Pork & Pepper Noodles

Sweet Chilli Pork & Pepper Noodles

I hate buying things in packets, always preferring to make things from scratch. So, one day when J threw a pouch of chilli ginger stir fry sauce into the trolley in Waitrose I protested a little and rolled my eyes, but ultimately I ended up making him some noodles with peppers from the vegetable drawer and some of the sliced pork I keep in the freezer to make this 15 Minute Five Spice Pork with Pak Choi & Jasmine Rice. Actually, it was pretty good. So, the next week I set about making my own version and ended up with this bright, sweet and sour noodle bowl with sweet chilli sauce – that bottle usually skulking forgotten at the back of the fridge when in not use for dipping your spring rolls as the hero ingredient.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.