Recipe: Creamy Mushroom Pancakes

Creamy Mushroom Pancakes

It might be just me, but one of the first ingredients I think about when I think about this time of year is the humble mushroom. Yes there are all those fancy wild ones and those mixed packs of Asian ones you can order online, but I’m taking about the classic chestnut mushroom, sometimes still with mud clinging to the stalks depending on wherever you’ve sourced them, and with those soft skins that satisfyingly peel away to reveal the mushrooms creamy white cap within.

For as long as I can remember my go-to way of cooking mushrooms was in a big pan with lots of unsalted butter, plenty of salt and pepper, sometimes a finely chopped spring onion and a finishing dash of creme fraiche, cream or cream cheese (whatever was in the fridge and needed using up, really) and often a good dollop of Dijon mustard. Chopped parsley or chives may follow depending on the mood – and again, what needs using up. It is how my Dad has always made them – I’m writing this sitting at my parents kitchen table, and it is how he made them to go over toast for breakfast this morning, though it also enjoyed a lunchtime favourite, depending on the mood or the day.

Here I’ve kept the gloriously creamy mushrooms as they should be, but to make them even more of a meal I’ve wrapped them inside delicate, savoury French crepes. Twelve years was too long to be visiting Brittany on the regular without coming away thinking that the best way to improve any savoury set of good ingredients is to wrap them in batter. This serves one, but easily scaled up as a hearty lunch or light supper. If you’re looking to build the plate up a bit more you can’t go wrong with a nice green salad and a classic vinaigrette.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.