Student Suppers: Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potato Soup

As a recipe writer, there is always pressure to come up with a new, exciting twist on an existing recipe. Everything has to be an updated version of something else. As a species, sometimes we just don’t know when to leave well alone. However, I think, if they’re done well enough, subtly enough so not to ruin an already perfect original, these little changes can be categorised as a very good thing.

My go-to recipe for Sweet Potato Soup is billed as just that, sweet potato soup. It’s secret is only revealed when you read the ingredients list, and find that I’ve built it on a base of the holy trinity of Asian cooking: crushed garlic, a generous amount of fresh grated ginger to add a little warmth, and come chilli – here provided with a mere sprinkle of dried flakes for a little heat. It’s subtle, but makes for a creamy, comforting bowlful that is more than just the sum of it’s constituent parts.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.