Weekly Meal Plan: Cheap, Low Energy Dinners

So usually I try to keep things delicious and tasty over here, but the honest truth is the cost of a food shop is spiralling faster than most of us can be reasonably expected to keep up with, and don’t get me started on energy bills. The plain truth is that I think most of us are looking for cheaper meals right now that don’t involve keeping the oven or hob on forever, or utilise lower energy appliances like a slow cooker or air fryer. So, for this weeks Weekly Meal Plan here are 5 easy weeknight dinners that do just that!

Pan of jackfruit fajitas, wraps and toppings on a blue background.

Monday: Jackfruit Fajitas

Meat free so cutting down a bit there, these fajitas actually happen to be very delicious (and this is coming from me who was rather sceptical of jackfruit at the start) and are a real crowd pleaser – I also love fajitas as a fridge clearer as different cheeses, salsa ingredients, ends of pots of yogurt and sour cream etc. can come into play as choose your own toppings. Jackfruit not your thing? My Sheet Pan Halloumi Fajitas are also a great shout!

Tuesday: One Pan Merguez with Red Peppers & Crispy Chickpeas

I love a good all-in-one sheet pan meal, and this one is a beauty, using skinny spiced lamb sausages for a quicker cooking time and chickpeas tossed in there to get nice and crispy and serve as the carb element.

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Chili con Carne

Ever since I got a slow cooker (it was never a conscious choice, a boxed never been used one appeared when J and I moved in together) I’ve fallen in love as I’ve experimented, but the one thing I’ve always made in the slow cooker right from the very start is chili. This minced beef version is almost is cheap and cheerful as the bean number I’ve shared in One Pan Pescatarian (ad) and it is great to pack up the leftovers to take to work with you.

Pan of spiced chickpeas baked with eggs and cherry tomatoes.

Thursday: Baked Eggs with Chickpeas, Tomatoes & Basil

A little something from my ‘living by myself renting a tiny flat in London’ days but which is totally delicious and I can still 100% recommend for a quick, lazy dinner, or even a lunch or a weekend brunch. Just make sure you keep a bottle of Tabasco on hand because it is the liberal amounts I usually apply to this that really make the dish.

Friday: Mussels with Sundried Tomato Pesto & Kale

You’d think that fish and seafood would be one of the first things that would have to vanish from the weekly menu cutting back but mussels are actually not only rather sustainable, but very cheap too! What is more, this easy preparation takes just 20 minutes, perfect as you wind down at the end of the week!

Speaking of how air fryers / slow cookers use less energy, instead of a few ideas for the weekend this week, here are 5 of my favourite recipes from each appliance for you to keep in your back pocket this autumn: Air Fryer Crispy Tofu, Air Fryer Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Air Fryer Halloumi Fries, Air Fryer Truffle Fries, Air Fryer Korean Fried Chicken Wings, Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Classic Coleslaw, Slow Cooker Sausage & Butter Bean Casserole, Slow Cooker Korean Chicken & Kimchi Bowls, Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Beef Wraps, Slow Cooker Coq au Vin.